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In which I undertake a challenge

Once upon a time I read a lot. Once upon a time I had the time to read a lot. Over the last few years, I unfortunately did not read quite so much. Last year, I even challenged myself to a mere twenty-four books in the year, or only two a month. I failed miserably, ending the year with only fourteen read, of which two were no more than 100 pages or so, illustrated. (Admittedly, the year before was worse, with a mere ten.)

So, it should be considered madness that I would even consider undertaking a book-related challenge. Unless it involved the purchase of books of course. My acquisition of new reading material continued unabated, even when I wasn’t reading it. However, I’m feeling optimistic. I’ve managed to already finish ten and one-half books this year (that last was started in ’09), and I’m currently in the middle of a half dozen or so. Considering four of those books could solidly be considered “cozies”, the Cozy Mystery Challenge seems a natural fit.

I have between now and  the end of September to read six cozy mysteries from start to finish. With two weeks of vacation in there, I think this is entirely doable. As long as I remember to select cozies for my reading of course.

I’m off to a good start; I began Pride and Prescience this morning, which has already proved a quick and enjoyable read. The characters are those of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and the time immediately after the wedding that ends the original book. I’m not very far yet, but am quite enjoying the wit of the banter between the Mr. and Mrs. Darcy.

Otherwise, I’ve no set plans for the challenge—merely to read, read, and read some more!

2 thoughts on “In which I undertake a challenge

  1. Good luck and thanks for joining my challenge!
    Cozies are a quick read and lots of fun, so hopefully they will be the perfect books for you to get back into the swing of reading.

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