Volume One…and Volume Two

Volumes One & Two I’ve purchased quite a bit of music lately, both online (as my credit card statement woefully attests) and in stores. Yes, I’m one of those people who still buys physical CD’s. For the most part, I’ve liked what I’ve purchased. I do sometimes take chances, in my never-ending search for something new and different. Sometimes those risks pay off, other times they don’t. Fortunately, my most recent risk paid off.

In my Internet browsing recently, I happened upon the video for the new single “In the Sun” by She & Him. Intrigued, I decided to look for their first CD, Volume One. Much to my surprise, I found it in a store (I was expecting to have to order it). I listened to it pretty much non-stop for about four days, including five times in a row the day I purchased it—something I have not done for quite a while with new music. And the following Tuesday found me back at the store to purchase the just-released Volume Two.

I find these particular CDs incredibly charming. I like the voice of Zooey Deschanel, the “She” and the primary vocalist and songwriter. I like the peppiness of the songs. They remind me somewhat of summer and simpler times. What the genre or style is, I could not say. (I find such labels confusing, most likely because I do not pay close attention. However, knowing more about the distinctions between eras in classical music, it also seems likely that these labels are imprecise and overlap anyway.) There seem to be hints of multiple styles at any rate, and I am reminded most strongly of 60’s era pop music. Regardless, these are albums I anticipate listening to all through the coming summer.