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In which I wonder about my own plans

I had a couple of thoughts this past week relative to my great books reading plans:

  1. Why bother challenging myself with the classics when I’m having so much fun with the Ohio Building Code? Now I know why no one volunteers to do this. (Darn it all, the office had to go and skew young. Where’s all the old timers that knew this stuff?)
  2. It’s been firmly settled in my mind for at least a month that I’m taking Pride and Prejudice with me on vacation. A classic. I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time the last week trying to decide which classic I should take with me…Duh.

Regardless, I’ve had a number of thoughts pertaining to my great books reading plan. I’m trying to sort through them all to form a coherent goal more precise than “read great books better,” which is admittedly very loosey-goosey. I think what it ultimately comes down to is that I would like to feel that I can pick up a more contemporary work of fiction, read it, and form a valid judgment as to its merits which isn’t dependant on the opinions of others. I want to know for myself what a “great book” is, which means I will have to read many books traditionally considered “great” or “classic” in order to even begin to approach this goal. More soon…