Reading · Vacation

time for reading

In less than eight hours I will be leaving for vacation–at the beach–and I am very excited. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a real vacation; I am very happy to leave the stresses of work behind for a week. Of course vacation introduces new stresses of its own. The travel. The logistics. Deciding which books to take.

It’s been a real challenge to winnow down my book list. I knew that Pride and Prejudice was a given. But after that, well there’s really just so many choices and so little time. I did stop at the library this week to return some books, and walked away with four new ones, so those are all going. For the Cozy Mystery Challenge I picked up Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea (hmm–appropriate) and The Curse of the Pharaohs. While searching the mystery aisle for The Curse…, I happened across a mystery titled Special Topics in Calamity Physics, about which I know nothing, but which sounds peculiar enough that I had to grab it. I don’t yet know if it will qualify for the Cozy Mystery Challenge, but I’m hoping it’s as quirky and enjoyable as the title suggests. Finally, I picked up an early Brad Meltzer, Dead Even. I’ve been hankering to read one of his books lately, and this is one I haven’t yet read.

Of course, then there were the books on the home shelves. Should I pick up a book from the “great books” lists? Something more modern? Maybe I should just leave off at five. But I really want to read Ficciones. And Reading Lolita in Tehran. Or The Shadow of the Wind. I finally settled on The Italian, which I’ve been “reading” for months, by which I mean I’ve placed a bookmark inside it, and Atonement, which has been on my shelf longer than any of the above, except Reading Lolita in Tehran.

Will I actually have time to read all of these? Probably not. But I wouldn’t want to run out. That would be tragic.