In which I recall vacation

All things considered, I believe the past week was a successful vacation.

I chased after birds…

DSCN7417 Gulls

Squished my toes in the sand…

DSCN7421 Sand

Walked the beach…

DSCN7341 Beach

…a lot…

DSCN7629 Beach2

Enjoyed the sounds of the surf…

DSCN7351 Surf

And stalked the elusive sunrise.

DSCN7668 Sunrise

(No really, it is elusive. It took five days before we had one without clouds at the horizon.)

And I even managed to finish three of the books I brought along, as well as starting two others. The library books took priority—both because I have to return them and because they simply seemed more appealing than the books I’ve been avoiding for a year or more already. Pride and Prejudice fell into neither grouping—it is too much of a favorite that I couldn’t rush headlong into it, but have to savor it, sipping slowly.

I am fortunate to be able to read in the car (not while driving myself of course—which could lead to a whole post on pet peeves about other drivers’ bad habits), and Brad Meltzer’s Dead Even was just the thing to while away the trip. After we arrived at the beach I also sped through Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea and The Curse of the Pharaohs. These were delightful cozies, perfect for beach reading—easy to pop in and out of without worrying about losing the thread of the plot line. The last of the library books, Special Topics in Calamity Physics was begun. It is not a book to speed through, as there are too many tricks of phrase and allusions, not to mention the slow pacing of the plot. I’m not yet decided on my opinion as to the book itself, but there has been more than one turn of phrase that has delighted me with its inventiveness.

I still must finish Special Topics in Calamity Physics, and then I intend to get back to my plans for a course of “great book” reading, with perhaps a cozy or other light reading sprinkled in for variety. I have an ever growing stack of “heavy” reading lining my floor and book shelves, and it would be nice to cross those off the list. But which to read first?

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