I feel like I’ve been plodding along with my reading lately. Some of this is self-generated: it’s difficult to make any progress in a book when I neglect it entirely. Some of it I will freely blame on work, however. We’ve been (bucking the trend for our industry) crazy-busy lately, and I’ve often found myself too exhausted to read anything more difficult than a weather report. I keep looking at the books I want to read, however, and thinking there has to be a way to get more read, a way to find more time in the day.

I’m still (slowly) progressing through Dante for the RAL, currently on Purgatorio. I’m not sure I’ll be finished by the weekend, however. Depends on how the work ‘deadline of the week’ goes. I’ve also signed up for a Tempest RAL. At about 77 pages in my copy, I think I can handle that! If it weren’t for these read-alongs, however, I’m not sure I’d be making any progress on my Personal Great Books challenge. I keep picking up Pride and Prejudice, but I want the time to savor that one, so it’s been sadly neglected.

What I have been reading recently, aside from Dante, has mostly been contemporary literature, of the well-reviewed sort. And I’m tired of it. In fact, I’m really craving some good plot-heavy, action-heavy classics. As in, The Three Musketeers. Actually, I’ve read it before, but I want to read the sequels, and since I can’t remember more than a little of the plot, I’d like to read it again first. As soon as I finish Purgatorio…if I can just behave that long!