Making Time

I know I haven’t been around here for a while–far too long, really. And yes, that means I really haven’t been reading much. Quite frankly, it seems incredibly silly to me that here I am, unemployed, and I can’t get anything read!

Now, the truth is I am reading, only the reading I’m doing is almost exclusively study-related, and by the time I finish for the day I usually don’t have the brain power left to actually read anything “fun;” consequently, I’ve found myself both without any books read or anything new to talk about. Of course, if you are interested in hearing all about structural framing systems and shear-moment-elastic curve diagrams, I’m sure I can make your eyes glaze over in about three seconds flat. (I did it just now, didn’t I?)

I really want to get back to fun reading. The truth may be that I won’t really be able to until I get this darn series of tests finished*, but I’m going to try anyways. After all, I’m making my own schedule right now. And I have two library books hovering over my head. So it’s just about making time. Making Time. I’m good at wasting time. But making it?

To kick start my reading, I’ve decided to try out this read-a-thon thing on Saturday. Not the whole 24 hours–I can’t stay awake that long! But I think I can clear out my schedule enough that I can devote quite a few of my waking hours Saturday to it. I’ll be trying to make good headway on  both How to Read and Conversation in the Cathedral since those are both library books. But if those aren’t working for me, I have shelves of books at my disposal–even if I end up re-reading, I will be reading Saturday. But somebody, please slap me if I pick up my structures book….

* I passed the first one! Just six left. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “Making Time

  1. Amanda, I look forward to hearing about your “fun” reading once you have more time for it again. In the meantime, good luck with the rest of those tests!

  2. You are not alone. 🙂 I often feel it’s absurd I don’t manage to get more done.

    Try reading for fun ten minutes before bed every night? Baby steps.

    1. I would do that, if I thought I could limit myself to 10 minutes! And then I stay up too late so I sleep in too late so I don’t get done what I think I should the next day…vicious cycle! I’m actually a bit torn about whether I shouldn’t maybe just try to cram all the tests (and studying for) in as fast as possible, rather than the slightly more drawn out process I’m going through right now. It would border on miserable while it lasted, but then I would be DONE.

      (And how can you worry about not getting more done? It seems like you have so much on the go!)

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