Unexpected R.I.P.

Although I did indicate in my initial post for R.I.P. that I would try to read at least one seasonal short story this fall, I didn’t expect one to wing its way to me quite so easily. But this morning my brother sent over a short, humorous, original piece he had posted on Facebook—if it has no other merits, it made me laugh, and the theme seemed highly appropriate for the time of year.

Here, copied with my brother’s permission, is his meditation on window-cleaning…and zombies. Dark humor ahead!

Sarah was a neat freak.

Even when the zombie apocalypse came, she couldn’t resist going outside to scrub the windows—painstakingly scrubbing off every bit of blood and gore while glancing nervously over her shoulder to see how close the zombies were getting.

“Just a little more, and then I’ll run to safety,” she told herself a dozen times and a dozen times she followed it up with “Well, maybe just a little more, they aren’t that close yet.”

Watching from inside, it occurred to her husband that wife might possibly have a problem. As his wife’s hard work was quickly undone, he promised himself he’d never clean anything for the rest of his life.

And then, he was reminded of his wife’s other bad habit—leaving the front door open.

His promise to himself was easily kept.

Now, I’ve never read any zombie stories, but it seems entirely appropriate that such a monster belongs firmly in the realm of humor. Or maybe that’s just me….!