Post Read-a-Thon & Upcoming

Fall, four years ago —

And now we’re back to normal.

I can’t remember when I last spent an entire day doing pretty much nothing else except reading. Or starting and finishing a book in one day. I actually find it somewhat tiring—really, I should take the excellent advice to actually get up and move about for a bit, but the couch is just so comfy.

Some quick stats from yesterday’s reading:
(1) book finished
(378) pages read
(9) hours (approximately) actual reading time
(unquantifiable) amount of fun

Overall, it’s looking like I’m going to have a very good reading fall. I’ve finished (3) books since the start of the month, and will hopefully finish Dracula this week. (Admittedly, that’s a week later than I’d intended for participating in Allie’s readalong.) That will make it a very successful R.I.P. season, too–I had hoped to read two novels and have already made it to three! Coming next month, Tea with Transcendentalists, for which I hope at the minimum to read a few essays, but would ideally like to read Walden.

Outside of readalongs, I have two more library books (Debt and Fool Moon—book 2 in the Dresden series) still checked out and then I’m hoping to finish out the rest of the year with comfort rereads. (If anyone wants to read the Anne of Green Gables series along with me, let me know!) I’m going to try to stay away from readalongs and other commitments for a time, as I seem to have a terrible time lately getting my act together to finish on time. (I have the library fines to prove it.) I’m going to try to get in the habit of reading at least a little everyday again, so that maybe come the new year I’ll be ready to start signing up for readalongs. There are a couple coming up I’m interested in, so I really hope I can get myself back on track.

And you, any reading plans to end out the year?

2 thoughts on “Post Read-a-Thon & Upcoming”

  1. I’m glad you’re joining us for the Transcendentalist Event! I’m getting excited about it. I’m tempted to join you in Anne of Green Gables but I think I want to steer clear of too many commitments. Right now Shakespeare is calling me, as well as Austen and the Brontes! I’m not positive 2012 is the year for Montgomery. Maybe…

    1. I’m looking forward to the Transcendentalists! No worries about Anne. I’m planning on reading the books anyway so I thought I’d just throw that out there. Of course, I need to retrieve book #2 from my mom first…

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