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It seems to be the thing to show off the new enhancements to our TBR piles, and not wanting to disappoint, I have some pretty pictures. Or at least not quite blurry pictures. There were only two books I really wanted for Christmas this year and, happily, both were waiting under the tree.

For the second year in a row, Harvard University Press has issued a new annotated edition of one of Jane Austen’s works, this year Persuasion. They are beautiful hardcover editions, with plenty of pictures as well as the notes. Persuasion includes some of the illustrations from early editions of the work, as well as maps and paintings. Although I still haven’t read last year’s Pride and Prejudice (maybe 2012?), these editions are so beautiful just to look at that I’m hoping all six of Austen’s major novels get the same treatment.

My other new book is less to read and more to use. Yum!

I have the previous two bread books by Hertzberg and François (Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day & Healthy Bread in Five Mintues a Day) and love making the breads and other treats they offer (soft pretzels! doughnuts!). I’ve already tried their Pizza Margherita from their website (LOVE) and can’t wait to try some of the other varieties. (American-style, Chicago-style, whole wheat, etc., etc.) With their refrigerator-dough method it is incredibly easy and quick to make a pizza dinner—just a little planning required.

I may also be a bit excessively excited that the recipes have already been converted to weights so that I don’t have to do any conversions myself. Yes, I’ve always used the US system of measurement, but once I started using a kitchen scale to weigh out ingredients, I discovered how much faster it is rather than fussing with volumes. Their previous book provides a standard table of conversions in the “tips” section, but this one provides them for all the recipes, with the math already done.

Since I’m already on the topic of food: my new hand-crank pasta maker!

I tried pasta a couple times this summer, and although mixing it up isn’t too difficult (it does take practice), I found rolling out the dough to be VERY hard on my hands. Hopefully this will solve that problem and fresh pasta will be as easy as fresh bread. Also, I may have geeked out a bit over the fact that this was a) made in Italy and b) the instructions come in over 10 languages! Fun!

6 thoughts on “Books, Pizza, Pasta”

  1. I want that copy of Persuasion!! I own the Harvard University Press Prode & Prejudice — lovely. 🙂

  2. Congrats on your loot, Amanda! That’s a gorgeous version of an Austen book you got there, and that other book sure looks functional to me. Pizza, pasta–you’re making me hungry!

    1. Oh, the Austen is gorgeous. I have to stay away from the Harvard UP web site as they have all sorts of similar pretty books, and I’m sure I could get into trouble!

      All the pizza and pasta could be trouble too, of a different sort–but oh, so, yummy.

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