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A Challenge Joining

There has been a decidedly autumnal feel to the air these past two days, and after too many days of excessive heat and humidity this summer, I am happy for the arrival of fall. It is supposed to warm up a bit later this week, but I have hopes that the days of high humidity are behind us. It is September, after all. And with September and cooler temperatures and the approaching turning of the leaves as evening falls earlier and earlier, it is time to turn to fall reads.

I have perhaps started already; the historical fiction I’m reading at the moment (Year of Wonders) deals with the 1665 plague event in Eyam England, a story perhaps as frightening as anything I shall read this fall (both for the devastation of the plague and the evil to which such events can drive us). But I’ve been saying all year I’d read The Woman in White this fall. My current focus on reading only what I feel like had me reconsidering that plan, yet I picked it up to glance at yesterday, read the first page, and decided that I feel like reading it this fall. I’ll just finish the plague book first. I also recently was reminded of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw. I don’t remember what prompted such thought, but it is relatively short, so perhaps… But I said that last year. Either would make for a suitably Gothic read, suitably seasonal.

These current and next months, September and October, are of course the months of Carl’s annual R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril, Seventh Edition this year. It was, I believe, my only successful challenge participation last year (by which I mean, I read what I intended in the challenge period), so it seems appropriate to challenge myself there again, though I intended to stay away from challenges the rest of the year. But how can I resist this logo?

R.I.P. VII alternate logo, a crow

It reminds me of Edward Gorey’s illustrations, also suitably seasonal. I only promise to attempt this year, though, to just meet the first rule, “have fun.” Although, there are so many suitable categories: mysteries, thrillers, horror, supernatural, even short stories and movies—you just never know what I might do!

5 thoughts on “A Challenge Joining

  1. I’m pretty sure you’ll have fun with The Woman in White, Amanda. Count Fosco is such an amazing, charismatic villain–you’ll have no choice but to laugh at his dastardly ways and chatter!

  2. Oh, fun! I really loved The Moonstone when I read it years ago, so I’m already a Collins fan. I think the only reason I haven’t tried The Woman in White yet is that my copy is around 100 years old with tiny print. (So there’s at least one Victorian novel that meets with your approval, eh? 🙂 )

  3. Great to have you in on RIP again!!! Edward Gorey is always on my mind this time of year as I’ve been a fan since childhood and the first ever RIP banner was a Gorey illustration. Hope you enjoy some wonderfully gothic reads over these next two months.

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