Welcome to the Classic Children’s Literature Challenge!

Classic Children's Literature Challenge January 2013

Today marks the first day of the Classic Children’s Literature Challenge, what I hope will be a fun month of revisting old favorites and meeting new ones. Even though it says “Challenge” in the title, the most important part of this month is to have fun as we challenge ourselves to look at classics of children’s literature through the lens of all our reading and life experiences since we’ve left childhood and to appreciate these works not just for their nostalgia, but also as good literature.

Starting today, the Event Logo at the top right of the blog will link to this page, which will be the link page for the event. Use the comments below to leave links to your posts on your reading this month. Please ONLY link to your posts related to this month on this page and leave comments or questions on the other pages for this event. The Children’s Classics Event in the menu at the top of the blog will also link to this page. There will be a separate page for The Princess and the Goblin readalong. At the end of the month, I will round up all the links onto one post. (If there are enough links, I will do weekly roundups.)

I’m not particular–at long as you read a children’s book from before 1960 and post on it before the end of the month, it’s never too late to join!

Happy Reading!

37 thoughts on “Welcome to the Classic Children’s Literature Challenge!”

    1. Thanks. The list would help so much. Anyways, are those books available on Project Gutenberg or anywhere else for free?

      1. I know some places where you can get them in Russian for free, but in English…. well, I’m not sure. Gutenberg is not very international. What I checked is that there ARE translations, so the titles are correct, and you may search by them. If the books are on Gutenberg or somewhere else, they will most probably be under these titles 🙂

  1. This is a great challenge. May I suggest though that a list of the books applicable be rounded up on say, goodreads, so we can all just refer to the list and see what we have yet to read. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I don’t really use Goodreads that much, so I won’t be compiling a list there, although anyone who wishes to may feel free to do so. Also, any lists posted are just suggestions, so you may read from them or other any books from the time-period (pre-1960) as you wish, with no obligation to read them all unless you want to.

  2. My January is somehow already filling up, but I *really* want to read something for this challenge. I have lots of classic children’s lit on my shelves that I haven’t yet made time for, so I’d be thrilled to read even a text or two. What a great event!

  3. My first post on Little Women. No need to link to the whole week – just say “and then he goes on as usual blah blah blah won’t shut up.”

    Very much enjoying the activity your Challenge is generating – but there is a lot of joy in these books!

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