Classics Club Read-a-thon, January 2013


Every time one of these read-a-thon events rolls around, I wonder if I should bother participating as I never even intend to attempt the 24-hours and always start late (I usually have things to do Saturday mornings), so am I really participating well? But then I realize that I usually could stand some focused reading time, so I sign up anyways. This time, the event is hosted by The Classics Club, as a kick-start for 2013. I’ll be reading for the Classic Children’s Literature Challenge, of course, but one of my titles doubles for my Classics Club list, so win-win.
I’ll be skipping between Little Women, Pinocchio, and The Princess and the Goblin today, all three of which I’m hoping to finish this month. Pinocchio is a bit more of a challenge as I’m reading that in Italian.

I will most likely update primarily on Twitter and occasionally here (this post). There will be a chunk of the mid-day when I’m absent as I will finally be going to see Les Misérables (yay!), but I’m hoping to make some really nice progress today.

Happy Reading to all, participating or not!

Update #1

I haven’t finished much reading yet–just two chapters of Pinocchio and a few pages of Little Women. I’ve forgotten way too much Italian in the last ten years, so I’m constantly fighting the balance of how many words to look up and how many to just read through. Hopefully, that will get easier as I progress.

Of course, half (or more) of the reason for the slow progress was going to see Les Misérables, which is wonderful! At least, if you don’t mind musicals–I imagine that bit might not be to everyone’s taste. But the performances were wonderful, and I think this is one of the few musicals I’ve seen in recent years where I haven’t been disappointed in casting choices.

It’s time to get back to reading though. I don’t have any real goal. I’ll probably stick with Little Women and/or The Princess and the Goblin, though, so I can fell like I’m making some progress. Happy reading!

Update #2

Just taking a little break for hot chocolate and maybe a cookie or two. I’ve been reading Little Women this last little while. I’ve really been enjoying it, although oddly enough, I think my nostalgia is for the 1994 movie rather than the book itself–while at the same time I find myself remembering unexpected details from the story. I keep eying The Princess and the Goblin, but think I shall stick with Little Women for the rest of the readathon, while will probably only be another hour or so for me.

Final Update

I’m almost halfway through the first part of Little Women (or half-way through Little Women if counting it as two books)! This makes me happy as I didn’t really expect to get that far. (I forget how much quicker it is to read children’s books.) However, I think I shall leave off for the night–I really just hate to get out of my sleep schedule. Happy reading to those still participating!

16 thoughts on “Classics Club Read-a-thon, January 2013”

    1. Thanks! Yes, I’ll be reading both (my copies are both one volume), but I’m far from getting to Good Wives just yet.

  1. Your children’s books sound lovely! And, once again I bow to you for your ability to rea Italian books 🙂
    Oh, and I have only managed to read for 2 hours yet, so you’re a much better participant than me. But a single book has quickly become my whole focus in the readathon: The Hobbit. Sooo good! I have no idea how I could ever stop before the end, this book is amazing! Shame on my that I ever doubted its awesomeness!

    Good, I’ll go back to reading! Enjoy the readathon!

    1. Well, my ability to read Italian is rather shaky–it took me an hour to read about 5 pages. I’m so happy to hear you’re reading The Hobbit! I really think the second half is better than the first, so I can’t believe you stopped before if you liked the first part. Enjoy!

  2. Amanda. happy readathon reading and belated best wishes for the success of your Classic Children’s Literature Challenge (I keep forgetting to do it, but I’ve meaning to tell you how awesome-looking those buttons are that you designed for the challenge). Also, props to you for giving reading in italiano a go again. I think that’s awesome, too. Ciao, amica!

    1. Thank you, Richard. I had fun making the logos. The Italian is a bit of a challenge, but I’m determined to conquer it. Ciao!

    1. I think Pinocchio could be a lot of fun if I weren’t challenging myself with the Italian. But otherwise, its been a fun day. Hope you’re having fun, too!

  3. I don’t think anyone will read for 24 hrs straight. The lovely thing is having a whole day devoted to the idea of reading and then doing as much reading as you possibly can in the company of like-minded friends!
    Happy reading from Sydney Australia
    Brona’s Books

    1. The idea of reading in the company of like-minded friends is one of the reasons I keep returning to readathons. It’s fun to know other people are doing the same thing at the same time. Happy reading to you!

  4. I never intend to read for 24 hours straight. I’d like to, sure, but I can never keep myself awake that long. I still consider myself a participant, and so should you.
    Little Women! I love that one so much. Have fun with it (and Les Mis! Is it good?)

    1. I can’t keep myself awake while reading–other things, yes (I may have written a paper or two while in school in the wee hours of the morning…), but reading can put me to sleep if I’m the least bit tired. Yes, Les Misérables was wonderful! I want to see it again–and finally read the book.

  5. I hope you get a little more reading in. 🙂 I always get distracted during readathons too, and I have only been reading for about 3 or 4 hours…I’m planning on about 3 more before I call it good. 🙂

    1. I’ve had a nice little read this last while–I think I’ve fended off distractions for a while. 🙂 I hope you had some good reading time this evening.

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