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A Note

Tomorrow (Monday) I am starting a new job. I honestly didn’t see this coming–I hadn’t seen–or applied to–any openings in my field lately, but early last week I received a call from an architecture firm I interviewed with last spring (and the year before that–they seemed to like me but always chose the candidate “with more experience”) and they offered me a job. Just like that.

So…I’m telling you this because I’m not sure what it’s going to mean for my blogging. In addition to working full-time for the first time in nearly two years, I’m going to have a nearly hour-long drive each way (and I hate driving), so I won’t have a lot of time during the week. I worked this past week on getting my own reading finished for the Classic Children’s Literature Challenge, and I will try to be as responsive as I can, but I may not get to checking out posts or putting up new links as quickly as I would like. Worst case scenario, I won’t see anything until Saturday, but I’m truly hoping that’s worst case.

I’m hoping this will all work out to be a good thing (right now, any income is a good thing), but it may to take a while to adjust to a new schedule. On the other hand, consistency is always more helpful in getting things done, so I may not get  as out of the loop as I’m afraid. And if I disappear too much, always feel free to prod me back with a well-placed comment!

22 thoughts on “A Note

  1. Huge congrats, Amanda! I’m so, so proud and happy, you clearly deserve this opportunity. I just started my first part-time job ever teaching English and I’m slowly adapting to this new routine. Best of luck, they’re going to love you, I’m sure.

  2. Well congratulations, that is exciting! A commute can suck, that is for sure, but the bright side is that you could turn that into a lot of reading time by checking out audio books to keep you company on the commute.

    1. Thank you, Carl! I’ll probably actually be more likely to listen to NPR than audiobooks, but it is a thought. And at least it’s a scenic commute–no interstate involved!

  3. That’s fantastic news! I’m so pleased for you, and I’m sure you’re going to kick ass there. You will be wonderful. 🙂

    Also, I’m confident you’ll be better at this achieving the work/life/blog balance you’re worried about than I was. I kinda sucked at it. 😉

    Good luck on your first day!

  4. I’m so happy for you and I’m sure everything is going to be fine! Lots of luck on your first day, I’ll think of you!

    1. Thanks! The nice thing is the commute doesn’t feel too bad–at least not until I get home and look at the time. Podcasts are a definite possibility–I seem to often have a backlog of those anyways.

  5. I’m so, so happy for you. You certainly deserve this break. As for the blog, don’t worry if you have to update less, we’ll all be here when you eventually do. Fabulous luck with your new job!

    1. Thanks, Caro. It’s looking like blogging is going to be a weekend-only prospect, at least for a while–but there’s a used bookstore near the office to get me into trouble…!

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