New Post @ Howling Frog Books: L. M. Boston

greenknoweJean has a new post up–she certainly seems to know about plenty of relatively unknown children’s authors! I’d never heard of L. M. Boston, but her life sounds fascinating. You should check the post out just to look at the pictures of Boston’s house and one of her quilts.

4 thoughts on “New Post @ Howling Frog Books: L. M. Boston

  1. I’m feeling sad that I don’t have enough time to do more of these. I have about 12 more I want to do, not counting tomorrow’s post. (I also have 3 books waiting for review…)

        1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve been adding books/authors to my list, so yes, very helpful! (Or problematic, depending on how one looks at it. 🙂 )

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