Week’s-End Notes (1)

So. Yeah. Doing great on the keeping up with blogging thing here. Or not! I had thought I’d at least get caught up during my (stay at home) vacation in early July, but…um….the books distracted. I guess there’s worse things to happen to a book blogger. Glancing over my “Books Read 2013” page, I see there are currently five books on the list that I’ve yet to write anything about. The backlog seems to only grow. (Well, so does my TBR, but that’s another matter entirely.) Sometimes it seems just so much effort to put my thoughts about a book into coherent form and the sad truth of a full-time job with a long commute (that doesn’t even have the benefit of being via public transport) is that I’m often too tired evenings to post anything (or even comment on others’ blogs) and weekends have been a mite bit busy. But I did think recently that it might be nice to start a new sort of post (for me) here that I can use for quick thoughts, short tidbits and updates. At least make a stab at keeping my finger in blogging waters. We’ll see, it might not last (I’m not very good at keeping up with these sorts of things), but here goes my first, of hopefully many, “Week’s-End Notes.”

  • As I said, I’ve been reading, almost entirely by whim. Nice to do! Every book I’ve read these last few months, excepting Inferno (which was still a whim of sorts) came to my fingers unexpectedly–because of something someone said or a lingering memory of something I wanted to explore or a chance passing of the shelves.
  • August is becoming a little more planned: I’m currently reading Tea with Jane Austen for Adam’s Austen in August, and Much Ado About Nothing is up next because the new adaptation will finally play locally at the end of the month. Yay local independent theater! I only wish you got films quicker…
  • Which reminds me, I don’t believe I’ve watched a single film for my project this entire year. No, take that back–I suppose I could count Bringing Up Baby and Singing in the Rain, but I didn’t watch either with that thought in mind, so I find I have nothing to say about them at the moment. Other than I still can’t believe my mom hadn’t seen either until recently…
  • I’m hoping to actually have a lot more time the next few months. I’m through all the Continuing Ed that occupied most of July (what me, wait until the last minute? Never?! Oops…) Specifically, it was to maintain my credential as a LEED Accredited Professional, which means I know something about the LEED green building rating system. I wouldn’t have minded so much if I thought it was worthwhile, but honestly a) most of it was really redundant b) I didn’t learn that much and c) most of it was clearly more about product advertising for the education unit sponsors than anything actually having to do with environmentally friendly construction methods. Although the pervious paving hour was interesting.
  • I’ve been listening to audiobooks on my drive home. Pick the right one, and the drive goes much faster! (Well, other than that day there was traffic congestion in S—, home of about 6,300 people. How does that happen?) I’m not very good at staying focused on audiobooks, so I’m mostly picking lighter, easy-to follow fare. Most likely I won’t be blogging about any of these books; I’m just not listening to them that way. (OK, there’s one exception, but I’ll explain that when I post.) One thing I’ve found already: the reader definitely matters. Good thing I’m just listening to library borrows!
  • Speaking of the commute, one nice thing about it is following the change of seasons. My drive is a good bit rural (with a fair amount of suburban thrown it–the worst of the drive as the traffic is much heavier), and I get a small pleasure out of passing by the dairy cows every day. Seeing the fields of corn and hay. The bales bound for winter. Pumpkins forming on the vine. The glint of the rising sun over the lake. The deer and coyote bounding in front of me. Okay, maybe that last is a bit more heart-stopping than heart-pleasing.
  • I had high hopes for my participation on Ekatarina’s Language Freak Summer Challenge, but so far I’ve finished nothing. But I’ve learned that my Spanish really IS that much better than my Italian. After about four chapters, I’m afraid I’ve given up on Le avventure di Pinocchio, at least for the time being. In contrast, although momentarily distracted from it, Cervante’s Three Exemplary Novels (Spanish edition) is going much better–I’m rather surprised, actually, at how little I’ve had to look up. It gives me hope that I might someday get through all the Spanish-language books on my shelf!
  • Hm. I’m surprised at how quickly this has gotten long. Random musings go down so much faster. Perhaps this tells me I try too hard with my other posts. Regardless, I think I’ll leave off now and attempt to start writing up drafts of posts for my completed reads.

Happy reading!

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      1. I know, finding the right amount of business to be productive yet have some free time and the ability to enjoy it is difficult 🙂

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