Week’s-End Notes (2)

Well, two weeks later (or so?) and I have another Week’s-End Notes, so I’ve at least managed a two-part series. Sometimes that’s more than I can expect of myself.

  • I’d hoped that either last weekend, or at the latest mid-week, I would have caught up completely on blog-reading and put up another book post. Unfortunately a summer cold got the best of me, and I didn’t manage much last week besides work–glutton for punishment I am, I still went in everyday–and some TV watching. Summer colds are the worst–it was warm enough this week that one night I wasn’t sure if I was feverish or if it was the weather. (Answer: weather.) The cold is almost gone, so there’s that improvement. I think I’ll be caught up on blog-reading tonight.
  • I’m considering purchase of a tablet computer, for various reasons (fully-functional tablet, not dedicated e-reader). Anyone have any thoughts or experience with a tablet? I’m kinda leaning one direction, but could possibly be convinced otherwise…
  • I’m also toying with the idea of internet-free weekdays (outside of work needs). I’m not sure, but I kinda think it’d be more efficient to do all my internety-stuff in one chunk rather than dripped out during the week. Of course, I say that about my reading too, so what does that leave me? Nevermind, if I’m not online, I’ll be reading. I’ve always read in dribs and drabs.
  • Speaking of online/blogs (was I?), I’ve been having trouble leaving comments on blogger blogs lately, even though I have a blogger account (for commenting). Anybody know what that’s about? I haven’t had time to look into it. Maybe I’m signing in wrong?
  • My reading’s been a bit slow recently. I did finish Much Ado About Nothing  this afternoon. I’ll wait to post on that until after I see the movie this week. (Thursday night! Extra hours or no, going to the movie is non-negotiable!)
  • As for upcoming reads:
    1. Rebecca for Classics Spin–seems nicely seasonal. My only concern is that all the library copies are checked out. Was it required summer reading for one of the local schools?
    2. Mansfield Park, not quite for Austen in August–I’ll never finish by the end of the month but seeing all the Austen posts I’m craving a reread.
    3. As I Lay Dying–maybe. I saw the movie trailer, um, months ago, and my thought was, “Hmm, I really should read that.” (Not, “Hmm, I should see that”–perhaps marketing department needs to work on this? Of course, it won’t likely show anywhere close to me anyways…)


  • I was interrupted from posting this, which is a good thing. In the intervening time, Carl announced his eighth (eighth!) annual R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril non-Challenge. It’s probably my favorite event I’ve participated in (certainly my most successful), so OF COURSE I’m in! I can’t say how much I’ll actually read, but there are so many options. Rebecca of course is apt. And I’ve been saving The Hound of the Baskervilles and ‘Salem’s Lot just for this challenge. The read-a-long for The Historian is tempting, but probably unrealistic (and it would be a reread anyways). There’s always Poe and The Turn of the Screw…so many choices. I’m not going to commit to a level, as I don’t think I can accurately guess how much I’ll actually finish. But. Itching to get started!

Happy Reading

13 thoughts on “Week’s-End Notes (2)”

    1. No, I haven’t–it hasn’t shown locally, but there will be a one-night only showing at the local independent Thursday night so I’ll see it then.

  1. Oh I do love RIP! Hound of the Baskervilles is my favorite Doyle story! I’ve loved reading it and love the old black and white movie with Basil Rathbone as Holmes! (and especially Richard Greene as Baskerville!! ) Hope you enjoy all your reads!

    1. Yes, RIP is so much fun! I’ve been saving Hound of the Baskervilles just for it, as I’m sure it will be a favorite. Thanks!

  2. How great to have you around again, Amanda!

    Regarding tablets, I have a first generation iPad and I’m in love with it except that it only has WiFi and I cannot manage any Internet tasks while commuting. But I have to say, to have videogames, movies, books, pictures and any functional apps in such a little thing is an amazing feeling.

    Thanks for pointing out to RIP, I had no idea it was already open to subscriptions this year and I’m definitely joining!

    Mansfield Park is the book that made me regain faith in Jane Austen, can’t wait to read your review.

    1. Thanks, Elena, I’m trying to be more consistent. 🙂 Given that I’m driving myself on my commute, wi-fi only is a non-issue. But the portability of a “little thing” that I can carry in my purse–that’s definitely what I’m looking for.

      Glad to have steered you towards RIP. With all the crime novels you read, I’d say it’s right up your alley!

      Mansfield Park has always been one of my favorite Austen, so I’m more than happy to revisit it.

  3. Great to have you with us for RIP VIII. Rebecca…one of my favorite novels ever. Such a great novel. So filled with the kind of thick gothic atmosphere that inspired RIP in the first place. I’m wanting to read some more Sherlock Holmes myself this year.

    1. I’ve been meaning to read Rebecca forever, but haven’t managed. This year I finally have the impetus to do it. Holmes I think shall also be a definite! I’ve been slowly working through the stories and enjoying them so much.

  4. What a great list of possibilities! I loved Rebecca and wound up watching the movie on YouTube for the challenge one year. I haven’t had much luck tracking down a copy!

    1. The problem is too many possibilities! I’m having trouble tracking down a library copy of the Rebecca(the book) at the moment–might have to order it from outside the system!

    1. I’m happy to hear so many positive thoughts on Rebecca–now I just need to get a copy and get started. Mansfield Park is one of my favorite Austens, and I’m certainly enjoying the reread!

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