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Week’s End Notes (3)

It seems a constant refrain, but here it is half-way through September and I’m wondering how we got here already. Although I think I know the answer this time: a frightening series of deadlines at work. The timing of new jobs and client expectations certainly proved the phrase “never rains but it pours.” I think this week will be more sane. Think. At any rate, the weather should be much more cooperative: last week featured a two-day heat wave that could have done me in by itself even without the midnight power outage the second day. Good-bye ceiling fans and any hope of a decent night’s sleep. I’ve made quite a good zombie impression this week! (And it would of course have been the night before the office-sponsored marketing even we were all requested to attend. At least I didn’t doze off in my potatoes…On the other hand, I believe I’ve found another book to add to my will-eventually-happen local reads project list. A comedic one.)

All this to say I don’t think I read more than two pages this week prior to yesterday. Nor even last weekend–I sat down to read a new book (my Classics Spin title, Rebecca, if you must know) and decided I simply couldn’t until I had dumped all my thoughts of my various spring and summer reads into posts. So I spent a good deal of time working on those, and really, this should be my post on Quiet, but I decided to write this instead. (I think maybe after I finish this I’ll proof my Quiet post and schedule it for this week. Otherwise, if not careful, I’ll be posting on books I read in June come December.)

I’m a bit dismayed to realize it’s also a quarter of the way through R.I.P. and I’ve barely made a dent. (Only a teeny bit of Rebecca.) I really like the challenge, or at least the idea–so what am I doing with this stalling thing? Silly me. Maybe the arrival of fall’s chill will inspire me.

Wingfoot Lake

Sitting at the lake (at a local state park) yesterday, waiting for the family reunion to start provided me the best reading I’ve had in over a week. It was cool (chilly, actually), but the sun beating on my back was pleasant, and the sound of the waves lapping and the insects humming put me in a mood to read I haven’t found in my brief lunch breaks lately. I don’t think we get enough of nature in our busy (sub)urban lives. I don’t even mean the rough, backwoods variety, I mean the quiet sounds of out-of-doors. It’s so nice that the state parks in Ohio are still free to visit. I don’t know why I don’t go more often. I think if you throw a stone you hit one. I pass near the entrance to this one everyday going to and from work. It’s just always a matter of that pesky word, time.

May you find time this week–for reading, for resting, for nature. Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Week’s End Notes (3)

  1. Wow, what a nice place to read!

    I haven’t managed too much reading either if it helps… Deadlines for everything in college – and mind you, not even projects, just paperwork! – left me unable to pay any attention to anything that was not comedic and on TV.

    I hope your atumn gets better and you have time to read and to write. We miss you around!

    1. Thank you, Elena! Deadlines are such funny things: after extra hours the last few weeks, I have a feeling I’ll be lucky to have enough to do to fill the minimum number of hours this week. So hopefully more sleep and more ability to concentrate on my reading. Hope you have more reading time this week too!

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