Week’s End Notes (5)

Autumn Color November 2013It’s a beautiful autumn day today–chilly, yes, but the sky is that cloud-specked brilliant blue I most associate with fall. We’re probably only a few days past peak tree color, which seems to be a bit late this year, no doubt thanks to the warm temperatures we had well into October.

I had hoped to finish and post on my final contribution to this year’s R.I.P., The Hound of the Baskervilles by the end of October, but I got in my own way. When I wasn’t being too lazy to read, I was finding excuses why I shouldn’t read just then. Which is a pity, as The Hound of the Baskervilles is a perfect R.I.P. read. I’m about halfway through, so maybe I’ll finally finish this week!

Speaking of R.I.P., I did manage to read Rebecca as my one official selection. I probably could have counted The Dream Thieves as well, but since I didn’t write a full post on that I didn’t. So it wasn’t a terrible R.I.P season for me, just not quite as good as I’d hoped. As always, a big thank you to Carl for hosting again this year! It was fun as always.

With November now underway, it appears that we’re beginning to enter 2014 planning season. I’ve already mentioned that I’m planning on hosting another Children’s Classics Event in January. Right now I’m tentatively planning on either The Wonderful Wizard of Oz or The Jungle Book as optional readalong titles. More information to follow soon, but the event will likely follow the same format as last year.

Then there’s my “local” reading project I’ve planned that will likely fill up most of the rest of 2014, with room for impulse choices. So many books I’m looking forward to, and–teaser alert–one of them is on my Classics Club list. I think there may also be some field trip opportunities with this project, for some added fun. I also want to do some research to see if there are any books that could count both as Children’s Classics and a local read. (I know of one more recent children’s author who lived in Ohio for a time, but not yet of any from decades ago.)

Of course, today I discovered a little wrinkle. Richard of Caravana de Recuredos is planning a lot of Iberian Peninsula and Hispanophone/Lusophone-America reading for 2014. And he’s invited others to read along with him on twelve different titles. That is so tempting. Especially the doorstops he has bookending his year. Query: can I somehow manage to magically double my waking hours so that I have time to read the books on my list AND his? (This is all made worse by the fact that I wouldn’t even have to go to any effort to locate most of the titles on his list. See: overflowing bookshelves.)

So perhaps I’d better get started now. To do list for the rest of the year: organize a reading event; plan a reading project; finish all the books currently on my nightstand; jump-start on 2014 reading. Oh and fit the holidays in somewhere…

May your schedule be less full than mine with much happy reading!

5 thoughts on “Week’s End Notes (5)”

  1. Oh wow, I had no idea new-year reading plans started in November! It would be impossible for me to do so, I enjoy the process of what to read next!

    Anyways, how funny that you associate autumn with blue skies: where I live, it rains almost every day from October to May, so I think of grey skies, Hunter boots and light coats.

    Happy reading!

    1. I thought that maybe I’d start to see things towards the end of the month, but not quite this soon! I only know what I’m planning because I’ve been thinking about doing the local project for so long. I do like picking reads at whim, but sometimes I like to make more set plans, such as all those books I’ve been meaning to get to forever.

      I think of a certain sort of blue sky–one that goes very well with golden leaves–with September (which I consider autumn) and October. I tend to think of November as grey and gloomy (today was actually a perfect example), but we often have nice weather as in the picture above (from yesterday). It’s really the winter months that are ugly.

  2. I’m glad you’re tempted by some of the readalong choices, Amanda, and as I’ve said elsewhere I hope we’re able to read a title or two together if things work out. However, I also look forward to seeing what you end up reading for your own reading projects next year–I always find that a cool way to learn about people’s reading tastes. Cheers!

    1. Some of them are double tempting for already being on one of my project lists and/or already on my bookshelf. The wonderful thing is there are always so many good choices. The bad thing is that there are always so many good choices. I’m hoping to have fun with my projects next year, although the “local” authors project will be more of an experiment–I’m not sure if I’ll like everything on my list. And if I find books that tempt others–all the better!

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