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Week’s End Beginning Notes (6)

At the Christmas Tree Farm – Nov 20, 2013 (Yes, it really looked like this!)
  • One would think that a FOUR-DAY Thanksgiving weekend would be sufficient time to catch up on life, sleep, blogging, but that would be before one found one’s time soaked away by such useful distractions as holiday decorating, unplanned reading, and jaw-dropping ends to (American) football games that one doesn’t usually care all that much about except, wow, that last play was unbelievable. Or maybe that’s just me.
  • Fortunately–or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it–my office is currently in the midst of voluntary furloughs until the end of the year (oddly, people don’t seem to want to think about any serious decision making over the holidays, at least not of the type that involves anything more difficult than which restaurant for the staff party), so I actually have a six-day weekend this week(end). Which is convenient, at the moment, because my dad inadvertently ripped the driver’s-side door handle off my car–pro tip: if the door won’t open readily, it’s probably frozen shut–so it needed a little time at the repair shop. Also, I might now actually catch up on everything I’d hoped.
  • It’s also extra time for the most exciting reading of the year: Architect’s Essentials of Cost Management. I promise, I won’t post about this one.
  • I keep eying the Twelve Months of Classic Literature post from The Classics Club. I’m sticking with my current plans for 2014–no joining of any new challenges for me*–but, I keep lining up the monthly themes from Twelve Months… with my Ohio project. I haven’t found books for every month (actually, unless there’s a lost Fort Ancient or Erie manuscript out there, January–Shakespeare & contemporaries–is not really doable), but some months have an abundance of choices–just from authors with connections to Ohio.  I doubt I’ll try to keep up with the Club for the whole year, but I am rather excited to get to February (Harlem Renaissance/African-American).
  • I’ve also found at least one book that could double for both my Classic Children’s Literature Event in January and my Ohio reading project. Exciting!
  • Speaking of, there’s still plenty of time to join in on the Classic Children’s Lit Event–and/or the Wonderful Wizard of Oz readalong. Sure, there’s plenty of exciting events and challenges to join in on at the start of the new year, but you can always sneak in a children’s classic. And if you want to double up with The Classics Club’s Twelve Months event, you could always read something from Tales from Shakespeare by Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb.
  • And now, I really must move on to all my other catching-up. Have a happy reading week!

*Multi-month challenges. I reserve the right to join one-month readalongs. Or to change my mind.


2 thoughts on “Week’s End Beginning Notes (6)

  1. I felt the same way after a nice, relaxing four-day weekend: where did all that time go? Still, I got a lot of reading done in the midst of everything else.

    Sorry to hear about your car, but now your dad has a great Incredible Hulk story to tell, how his massive strength just tore the door handle off.

    Yes, college and pro football was filled with some exciting games this weekend. That Alabama/Auburn play was wild.

    1. It’s amazing how fast time can go even when it seems we should have more than usual! At least you got a lot of reading in.

      Ha, I like your take on the door handle! The part is just plastic, believe it or not, and apparently this is not an uncommon problem as the mechanic was able to get a new handle from the dealer without any difficulty. Maybe that should tell them something… Let’s just say I’ll be VERY careful opening my doors this winter.

      I really only watched the Ohio State/Michigan game, but I did see the end of the Alabama/Auburn–crazy!

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