Week’s End Beginning Notes (8)

  • Well, this was meant to post yesterday but I forgot to take pictures. I think my brain has been on a mental organization break over the holidays. Time to whip it back into shape!
  • It rather seems to be the fashion just now to show off all our recent acquisitions. I’d hate to be the spoiler and buck convention…no, nix that, I actually don’t mind bucking convention, as long as it doing so doesn’t place me in the spotlight…but I’m just going to share anyways.
  • My family actually went a little counter-cultural and deliberately chose a small Christmas, so the only remotely bookish thing I received was the one book I most wanted:
Book: Sense and Sensibility
Sense and Sensibility, Annotated edition
  • However, it’s not the only book that’s come into my possession lately. I, err, may have taken advantage of and unexpected site visit for work that just so happened to pass right by a bookstore. This bit was on my own time, I hasten to add! Regardless, I walked out with two new books that I think will come in very handy in 2014:
Books: The Bluest Eye; The Death of Ivan Ilyich & Other Stories
The Bluest Eye
The Death of Ivan Ilyich & Other Stories
  • Russian Literature 2014, I have choices! (There are quite a few novellas in the Tolstoy)
  • But I’ve saved the best for last. Meet Rufus, my very own robot tea strainer. My brother knows me well–I told him he  “won” Christmas. Not that it’s a competition.
Rufus, the Robot Tea-Strainer
Rufus, the Robot Tea-Strainer
  • Rufus’s little arms/hands adjust to the tea cup/mug size. He works rather well, too, and oh so charming. 🙂
  • I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of 2013! I’ve been seeing lots of year-end and best-of posts. Mine’s planned for tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll start 2014 right and actually have the end-of-2013 post up in 2013.
  • In the meantime, I really should try to finish up the book I’m reading that don’t really mesh with my 2014 plans. I think there’s still time…

16 thoughts on “Week’s End Beginning Notes (8)”

  1. Actually that has been the fashion for some time…which is one of many reasons why all of us who blog about books end up with HUGE piles of books to be read, lol!

    Love the tea strainer. Friends recently got us a frog and monkey one from that same company. They are so clever, and the work too! I have had that robot one on my list of things to buy and I need to pick it up.

    1. Ha, ha, Carl–I think at least the Austen is a direct result of seeing another blogger’s posts–all three of the books probably. This book blogging IS a dangerous venture!

      I didn’t know they made such a thing as a robot tea strainer, and now you’re telling me there are other critters as well? That might be a bit of dangerous knowledge…

  2. I was going to comment excitedly on the books, but Rufus!!! He’s so cute!

    As for the books – I got derailed, but no Rufus in the world is enough to stop me talking about books – I love all three, but especially the annotated Sense and Sensibility. So gorgeous.

    1. Rufus seems to be quite the hit! He definitely made my Christmas–I think he’ll make me smile for many days to come.

      I love these annotated Austen editions they’ve been publishing the last few years. They ARE gorgeous, aren’t they? I can’t wait until the whole set has been released.

    1. Yes, I remember you mentioned it. I think you are to blame, actually for me learning about these editions! 🙂 I’m sure I will enjoy it once I get to reading it (as opposed to the browsing and admiring I’ve done so far.

  3. Happy last day of 2013, Amanda!

    I know I have, should and need to read The Bluest Eye, so probably your review will finally make me buy it 🙂

    1. Thanks, Elena, and you too! My plan is to definitely read The Bluest Eye sometime in 2014, maybe early summer or so. I think it’s on a lot of lists, so I might offer a readalong at that time…

  4. Oh my god, your brother totally won Christmas! Although Sense and Sensibility is really gorgeous as well. Strangely, I didn’t get many bookish things either. Weird.

    1. He totally did! (And this blog post, apparently!) The annotated editions of the Austen titles that have been released the last few years are all gorgeous–not only do they have pretty covers but images of maps, artwork, and illustrations from or about Austen’s era. They’re really lovely.

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