Classics Club Read-a-thon, January 2014

What better way to start a new year than with plenty of reading? And what better way to actually make that start than a readathon, in the virtual company of many others, encouraged by the mere knowledge that others are reading too to keep the pages turning?

Jan 2014 Classics Club readathon selections
Anne of Green Gables
The Fellowship of the Ring
Mansfield Park
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

I have no real plans or ambitions for this readathon, just a stack of books I’m in the middle of, plus one that I do need to finish before the end of the month. I believe only one of these is on my actual Classics Club list–does that make me a bad participant? 😉 –but they are all classics.

I shall likely post periodic updates here and on Twitter (@simplerpastimes, see sidebar). To those participating, Happy Reading! (And to those not as well!)

ETA:Can’t believe I forgot to link to the readathon page! It’s HERE.

Update 1:
I can’t believe it’s already ten hours into the readathon! I’m having fun, even if I haven’t amassed a very high page count. So far, I’ve read a couple chapters of The Fellowship of the Ring and several of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I took a dinner break, but now I should be good for the rest of the night (which may not be terribly late…). I think I’ll return to Oz for a bit and then I’m not sure what. Maybe more Middle Earth, or perhaps a revisit to Green Gables? No matter what I pick, I can’t really go wrong.

Update 2:
I think I am done for the night. I read two more chapters of Oz and one of Fellowship, and now the pain med I took for my back (I hurt it a bit this morning) is kicking in and I am growing sleepy. Perhaps I might do some more reading early tomorrow, but this is likely my final update. Regardless, I enjoyed my reading today and hope to finish a book or two soon. That would make for a good start to the year! Happy reading to those still going!

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  1. Lovely stack! I hope you have a lovely time! (Pss, out of my three books only two are classics. If you’re a bad participant then I’m, well, worse 😉

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