Week’s End Notes (10) – Classic Children’s Literature Edition

  • Happy Weekend! I can’t believe we’re past the halfway point of the month already. I’d swear I’ve only put in one week at work so far this year, but the calendar tells me otherwise. (And I must be careful to believe it, else I’ll miss an important work deadline.)
  • More believable, unfortunately: I’ve still yet to finish a single book for my own event! My problem seems twofold: 1) less time than anticipated for reading and 2) I keep starting new books without finishing the old. Oops.
  • Needless to say, my priority this weekend (after this goes up) will be READING! Do you think I can finish two books by tomorrow evening?
  • Others have kept up their end for the Classic Children’s Literature Event, however. Since last week:
  • Check their posts out!
  • As it is past the half-way mark, a reminder to those participating in the readalong title, that discussion of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz begins this Friday. Already! I will (try to remember to) schedule a post to go up early Friday where anyone participating can link up their posts or leave their thoughts on the title.
  • Until then, happy reading! May the coming week be full of many children’s classics!

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