Week’s End Notes (12)

  • I didn’t mean to take such a (relatively) long break between the end of the January Children’s Classics event and, well any post, but I seem to have lost a bit of steam. I’ll blame the weather–it’s been much more conducive to hiding under covers than to reading or thinking. I wouldn’t mind the winter so much if I didn’t still have to do so much regardless–still the long commute (made longer by the bad roads; we’ve had so much snow and cold that the local road departments are all running low on road salt), still full-time working hours, still keeping up with all the miscellany of life.
  • And now the Olympics. I’m afraid I enjoy watching rather too much–and watch too much, given that there’s only a few sports I actually like watching. Which means I find myself rather short on time for reading and blogging at the moment. So this may be a “I’m taking a semi-break” post. Resume full schedule after the Olympics.
  • Of course, this might not stick–I’ve a post or two somewhat written in my head, so if I find a moment to get those typed up… Say, if it stops snowing long enough that I can resume taking full lunch breaks rather than shortening them up to make up time for being late in the mornings.
  • And in the meantime, I can share some recent book and book-adjacent acquisitions:

DVD, Much Ado About Nothing; CD, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Soundtrack; Book, The Reivers

  • I rather enjoyed Much Ado About Nothing when I saw it early last fall, and it served to confirm my opinion that watching Shakespeare is even better than reading him.
  • Although I’ve enjoyed both Hobbit films to date, true confession: I enjoy the soundtrack even more. Although, it does have the consequence of prompting me to want to watch the movies again–when’s the next DVD out?
  • And well, the Faulkner–after my enthusiasm over As I Lay Dying last fall, I’m ready to begin collecting (not that I have any room on my shelves…) My dad really liked The Reivers, so hopefully it will prove a good follow-up. Not that I’m likely to get to it soon!
  • And after the enthusiasm for Rufus in December, I thought I should share that he now has a friend, Oscar:


  • Here’s hoping I’m back in time to post on this month’s Classics Club reading theme! (I have plans…) Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “Week’s End Notes (12)”

  1. I know the feeling when blogging just seems to hit a rut and you need to take a bit of a break, look forward to your future posts. Shakespeare is definitely better watched than read, I love a good production but am reluctant to read the plays, Much ado is a great play when done well. Hope the weather improves soon.

    1. Thanks! I have so many posts I want to write, but my head just doesn’t seem to be there. I blame the weather in part, as dealing with it really has been draining. Spring can’t come soon enough this year!

  2. That is the same tea strainer we have! 🙂 Too fun.

    We are overdosing on the Olympics right now and enjoying them, although we both also manage to keep a book in hand to get some reading done during commercials or slow moments.

    1. I thought you said you had the monkey! 🙂

      I did finish a book the other night during commercials, but mostly if I’ve been doing anything besides watching, it’s been knitting. But I’m sure once the Olympics are over, I’ll be raring to get back to reading.

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