Week’s End Notes (15)

  • It’s been quite a week, to put it mildly. High stress, long hours, office scavenger hunt–the usual.
  • What, your office doesn’t hold scavenger hunts in honor of the departing intern? (And if all interns were as wonderful as this one, the future would be in really good shape.) So yes, that was probably the highlight of the week–and one of many things that prompts me to think I work at a really great place. Well, most of the time–it wouldn’t be a proper job if there weren’t moments I didn’t like it… 😉
  • I’m afraid I haven’t been reading much of anything lately. Those hopes that vacation would kick-start a reading spurt were dashed by the backlog on the DVR. Oops. I’m hoping to finish a book or two yet this weekend though–one of which returns me to my Ohio project which has been a little neglected of late. And the other for Once Upon a Time VIII–which, incidentally, if I’m going to make my goal of 4 books, I need to get moving on! Thankfully, two of my in-progress reads are for it.


Spanish Lit Month 2014

  • I’m also starting to think about my summer reading plans. The Ohio project will remain active, but sometimes I just can’t turn down a reading event/RAL/challenge. Stu of Winstonsdad’s Blog and Richard of Caravana de recuerdos are hosting their second Spanish Lit Month. Yay! If it was originally written in Spanish, regardless of country of origin or date, it qualifies. (And you may read in whatever language you like.) There are two optional RAL titles, News of a Kidnapping [Noticia de un secuestro] by Gabriel García Márquez or Three Trapped Tigers [Tres tristes tigres] by Guillermo Cabrera Infante. Stu would also like to dedicate the last week to Gabriel García Márquez in general, in honor of the recently deceased Nobel winner. I’ll definitely participate to some extent, and may try for the García Márquez title.


Books: The Bluest Eye; The Death of Ivan Ilyich & Other Stories

  • But in the meantime, I think I’d like to read Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye in June. This is one of the titles I’m planning to read as part of my Ohio project, although I know little about it beyond its Lorain, Ohio setting. (Morrison’s hometown.) If I remember correctly, the last time I mentioned The Bluest Eye, there seemed to be some interest in a possible readalong. If you think you might like to read with me in June, I’d be happy to host–just let me know if you are interested. (Alternately, if June is too soon, I would be open to an August RAL.) Regardless, I plan to read it this summer.
  • Unless I get distracted by a new acquisition or two…I really need to stay away from the bookstores! The latest:

The Sound and the Fury, Sanctuary, As I Lay Dying, Light in August

  • William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, Sanctuary, As I Lay Dying, and Light in August, all in nice neat hardcovers. These were a vacation purchase, from a nice little bookstore located on the waterfront in Georgetown, South Carolina. It used to be bigger, but a fire tore through a section of the historic waterfront last September, destroying several businesses including the bookstore. They were fully insured, and have reopened in a new location, specializing mostly in local books, artwork, and good-quality used books (as above). Although my bookshelves regret the purchase, I’m glad I could do my tiny part to help them in their second venture.
  • And now I should really actually attempt some reading. A happy reading weekend!

6 thoughts on “Week’s End Notes (15)”

  1. It’s fun to hear about your plans, Amanda! Both the Spanish Lit Challenge and your read-along sound tempting but I have had so little reading time lately, that I need to just focus on the books I have. I know, this is odd behaviour from me, as I usually say yes to everything, but I’m trying to be more responsible. 😉

    Did you hear about the Language Freak Summer Challenge? You can see it here on my blog: http://cleoclassical.blogspot.ca/2014/04/language-freak-summer-challenge.html If I remember correctly, you know a few different languages, so I thought you may be interested.

    This is my first free weekend in a long time, so I must get back to reading!

    1. Responsibility is never a bad thing! I try to stay away from too many challenges myself, but sometimes something comes along that I just can’t resist. Speaking of, yes, I have read about the Language Freak Summer Challenge, and I’ve been wavering back and forth as to whether or not to participate. Maybe if I get caught up with my reading here soon, I’ll join…

  2. We’ve missed you around, Amanda! I am glad to read you’re enjoying your offline life and you are working with great people.

    1. Thanks, Elena! It’s always so tricky to balance everything, and I feel like I’ve been running behind a lot lately. I think I’m slowly catching up, though, so maybe this time I can stick to the balance I’m hoping for.

    1. Well, at least I have no deadline for reading all the Faulkner! The best part about owning books, perhaps. I read As I Lay Dying last fall and really liked it, so I’m hopeful I’ll enjoy the others as well.

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