Week’s End Notes (23)

  • It’s been a bit of a slow start to the Classic Children’s Literature Event this year. Perhaps we are all under the weather? That is, the weather outside! Locally it’s certainly been a bit on the nasty side: cold, bitterly so a couple days (you know it’s been cold and windy when 15 F/-9.4 C feels warm) and with snow perfectly timed to make my drives into work in the mornings annoying to say the least. Which means later to work than I plan which means time must be made up which means less time for reading. And that’s not very nice…
  • So I haven’t finished anything this week, though I did start Treasure Island, and I’m still working on Le avventure di Pinocchio. But I will trade out Italian for English this week, as I simply don’t have enough time to make it through the Italian before the end of the month.
  • I did see on Twitter that Plethora has finished two books, The Book of Three and Winnie-the-Pooh. I look forward to her thoughts on both.
  • If you’ve posted on a book for the event and I missed it, please let me know!
  • In non-event news, Amateur Reader (Tom) has been posting a series on Italian literature. His first post, a reading list of the top 14th-16th century Italian literature makes me want to abandon my 2015 non-plans for a little Italian reading marathon. (Though isn’t that why I had non-plans–so I could follow my whim?) At any rate, I’ve updated my I libri italiani project page. One of the authors in this list is Gaspara Stampa, a Renaissance poet–and a woman. How hard it can be to find women in translation from centuries past! I may not actually go on an Italian lit binge, but after my enjoyment of Siglo de oro poetry last spring, I may try out some of the poets I’ve just added to my list. (Note: the Amanda of one year ago wouldn’t believe she’d be adding more poetry to her project lists.)
  • Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “Week’s End Notes (23)”

  1. I’ve started A Wrinkle in Time, Carry On, Mr. Bowditch AND The Cabin Faced West but I haven’t finished any yet, so you’re in good company, Amanda! 😉

    I know! I’ve been trying not to read ….. ooops, I mean, eyeing Tom’s posts on Italian literature. A little too tempting!

    1. That’s probably what we’re all doing–reading too many books at once!

      Yes, Tom’s posts are quite the problem–Italian lit is one area I am really interestd in reading more of, so I’m afraid I’ve added far too many books to my TBR list this week!

  2. Your Italian list reminds of how rich 20th century Italian fiction is. Oh well, can’t read everything. All at once, I mean. Someday. Calvino’s books are coming out in new editions, including some that had not been translated before. Tempting.

    I was hoping to get to some Lewis Carroll in January, but now I have doubts, We’ll see.

    1. You made me go review my list again (I was just looking at the 14th-16th centuries yesterday), and now I find I want to read all that 20th century lit too. And I haven’t yet begun to add some of the 19th century titles I was making note of yesterday. Oh well. I’d rather have too many books I want to read than not enough.

      I haven’t read any Lewis Carroll since….likely elementary school? He would be interesting to go back to… Someday.

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