Wrap-Up: The Classic Children’s Literature Event, 2015


I can’t believe it’s already the start of February! It seems I was just returning to work after a short holiday break, yet a month has passed already. I hope everyone who participated in the Classic Children’s Literature Event this year had as much fun as I did. Thanks to everyone’s posts, I learned about many new-to-me books, and the Pinocchio RAL participants’ posts gave me plenty to think about on top of my own reading of the classic story.

To finish out the month, I’m listing here all the posts I came across over the course of the month. I know some books were read but unblogged, and where I’m aware of them I’ve listed those as well. If I’ve somehow missed you, please let me know! I will update as well if posts are added in the coming week.


Akylina at The Literary Sisters:
The Cuckoo Clock

Carol at journey-and-destination:
The Winged Watchman
: A Life in the Woods

Cleo at Classical Carousel:
The Cabin Faced West
The Forgotten Daughter

Fleur at Fleur in Her World:
Linnets and ValeriansThe Young Pretenders

My Book Strings:
Pippi Longstocking

Plethora of Books:
The Book of Three
A Wrinkle in Time

amanda at Simpler Pastimes:
Over Sea, Under Stone
Treasure Island

Pinocchio RAL:

Amateur Reader (Tom) at Wuthering Expectations  Post 2

Cleo at Classical Carousel

Lory at Emerald City Book Review

Plethora of Books [pre-reading post]

Scott at Seraillon

amanda at Simpler Pastimes


Thanks again for joining in and Happy Reading!

6 thoughts on “Wrap-Up: The Classic Children’s Literature Event, 2015”

    1. You’re welcome, Cleo! I’d like to continue to hold the event–it’s always fun–but I think I might move it to the spring next year.

  1. Thanks for this Amanda. Participating in the Pinocchio read-along was rewarding and illuminating. I hope to join in again next time you do this.

    1. You’re welcome, Scott, and thank you for participating. The Pinocchio readalong was better than I could have hoped. I would be happy to see you back next time!

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