Week’s End Notes (26)


I feel like I’ve had serious blogging block of late. I’ve thought about posting—even started a now out-of-date draft of this very post in October—but I just haven’t been able to do so. And I’ve three books I’d like to write about.

Part of this is time, of course. When time is limited, choices must be made, and it is far easier to choose to read a book or watch a movie than to put word to screen. But part is…a weariness of continuing, I suppose. Or maybe just a weariness of writing. No, the weariness of always trying to catch up to a target that is continually moving forward. I considered, seriously, that perhaps it was enough to read. That with all the other things I want to do—to knit, to bake, to learn—perhaps the blogging is just too much.

But perhaps it was just the weariness of damp, dreary late autumn days talking, and now that the hope and light of the Christmas Season is near upon us, and that the temptations of reading “challenges” again begin to raise their alluring heads, I find myself rejuvenated. Not just to read all the books and blog about them, but to take part in some challenges, to write about books—and perhaps some other things, to make plans I might possibly keep.

I’m not sure yet which challenges I will participate in. I’ve my eye on a few that I might try. The excitement of both group participation and knocking some books of my list!

One thing I DO know—while I still plan to host a version of the Children’s Classics Literature Event I’ve held the past few Januarys, it will not be until the spring. This is for a reason most practical—I often lose several hours of reading per week in the winter months due to commutes made lengthier by snow, so last winter I decided that any future such events would be better later in the year. I’m thinking April. (Of course, thanks to el Niño, it now looks like we’ll have a mild winter locally, but who can tell?) At some point early next year, I’ll ask for either recommendations or votes on a readalong title and post other pertinent information.

In the meantime, my current reading. I’ve a library hold I need to pick up (The Martian by Andy Weir—all the publicity for the movie finally prompted me to request it), another that will hopefully come in soon (White Nights, the second of the Shetland Island Series of mysteries by Ann Cleeves), and most excitingly, I’m joining in on a readalong of Emma (Jane Austen), hosted at Dolce Bellezza over December. I’ve been thinking of rereading it since I re-watched the 2009 TV adaptation (staring Romola Garai) over the summer. The timing could have been more perfect. There’s also still a few books hanging on that I just can’t seem to finish. I’ve nothing against either Love in the Time of Cholera (Gabriel García Márquez) or Ghostwalk (Rebecca Stott), other than I just can’t seem to remember to read them. It’d be nice to finish them off before the end of the year. (Especially the Márquez—I’ve been working on that since July!) But it’s probably a little overoptimistic to think I’ll finish everything! Especially with all the usual holiday busyness. One can only try, though….

Happy Reading!

Thanksgiving Snapdragons
Snapdragons from my mom’s garden – fresh picked for the Thanksgiving table!

8 thoughts on “Week’s End Notes (26)”

  1. I totally understand the way you described the frustration, weariness, of blogging as a moving target. One feel l one can never catch up, not with the new on beloved blogs, not with one’s own posts clamoring to be written. It is a never ending job sometimes, almost like cleaning the bathroom. Every week it needs attention, without fail.

    Still, the riches outweigh the redundancy for me. Most of the time.

    For example, I look forward to your classic children’s lit challenge. And, I’m so glad you’re reading Emma with us.

    So, we’ll carry on, eh? xo

    1. Perhaps sometimes I just need a little break, for renewal. It’s odd to think of needing a break from something meant to be “fun,” but it is so easy to turn something fun into obligation if we are not careful.

      I think the reason I was never able to tell myself, “Yes, I am going to give blogging up,” is the rewards blogging brings. Readalongs, I especially enjoy. Not just for the opportunity to discuss a book with others, and learn how others might approach it or understand it, but for the incentive they so often give me to actually finish a book in a timely manner. I am so looking forward to Emma!


    Love the snapdragons.

    1. 🙂

      Aren’t the snapdragons lovely? I couldn’t believe there were still some blooming, and it nearly December! We’ve had a really mild fall.

      I’m planning to pick The Martian up from the library today. Everything I’ve read about it suggests that it will be just my thing. I’m looking forward to it!

  3. I’m so happy that the Children’s Lit Event is still happening! I sympathize with your blogging and reading plights. I’ve had a rough year and haven’t accomplished anything near to what I was hoping. I just have to take joy in the small accomplishments and try again next year.

    Sigh! Challenges ….. I’m not at all sure which ones I’m going to attempt either.

    1. Yep, Children’s Lit will still happen! I just need to decide on all the details. My problem at the moment is finding the time to read and blog – I want to do both, but December is proving such a busy month that it’s been difficult. But there’s always the promise of a new year coming – I hope it proves better for us both.

  4. I’m happy you’re continuing the Chilren’s Lit Event also! I really enjoyed the Back to the Classics Challenge which I did for the first time this year & Brona’s Books AusRead, which, like your challenge, runs for a month.

    1. I’m happy to year you’re looking forward to more Children’s Lit! I’ve been tempted by the Back to the Classics Challenge, but I’ve never actually joined in. Maybe this year… So many options to pick from!

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