Ending, Beginning – Reading England

Button: Reading England 2015

How quickly the year draws to an end! And although I’ve had a much less successful (it feels) reading/blogging year than I’d hoped, I did manage to read two books for the one challenge I signed up for last year, O’s Reading England 2015.

Cover - Northanger Abbey, An Annotated Edition

The first, and one I forgot to even mention as a challenge title in its blog post (bad blogger!), was a reread of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. I’m not really sure where the fictional Northanger Abbey of the title is located, but the bulk of the book takes place in Bath in Somerset County.

Cover: The Valley of Fear by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Book two was a Sherlock Holmes novel (novella?), The Valley of Fear. Unlike many of the short stories (well, the ones I remember) which are set in London, this one has a rural setting, in Sussex County (which I now know, thanks to Wikipedia is split into seperate administrative counties – so which modern county this would be, I haven’t a clue).

Although I didn’t exceed my goal of Level 1 (1-3 counties), I’m thrilled that I successfully completed this challenge, including even “finally reading one of the annotated Austens” on my shelves. And so it was an easy decision to join in again in 2016! I still have plenty of books to choose from. I wonder what counties I will cover this year?


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    1. Yes, it’s a good multi-purpose classic – set in Sussex (and the U.S. west for part), classic detective story, not as well known. I’d like to hear your thoughts if you read it.

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