Completed: drive, Act I

drive: the scifi comic
Dave Kellet
US, ongoing

Take one part futuristic sci-fi, add a dose of second Spanish Empire, a strong part humor, monochrome blue palatte, alien creatures ranging from intimidating oaf to cuddly scholar (and everything in between) and don’t forget family and work dynamics, and you just might have the makings of one of my current favorite web comics. Oh, and let’s not forget the documents: memos, letters, articles from the Enciclopedia xenobiología. I might not typically comment on a web comic here, but I recently reread the entirety of what the creator, Dave Kellet, terms “Act I,” so it seemed as good a time as any to proclaim my love for this serial comic. (And for that matter, there are some rumors, that funding permitting, Act I may be self-published as a standalone book. Kellet also previously published the first half or so of Act I in paperback form, which I used for the first part of my reread.)

I came to drive: the scifi comic via Kellet’s other web comic, Sheldon, a wide-varying comic with a group of recurring characters including the eponymous Sheldon, but which also ventures away from the regulars to showcase everything from Shakespeare’s literary agent to Gandalf Airlines. My brother had introduced me to Sheldon, knowing I would likely appreciate the geeky humor and wide varying references (Shakespeare, design, Star Trek, etc.). My brother couldn’t have known at the time that Kellet was about to start a project I would love even more.

Set centuries in the future, when the Second Spanish Empire rules not just the Earth, but much of the known Galaxy, Drive is adventure-humor-scifi. Our main characters are the crew of a small space ship, The Machito, who, early in the story find themselves with a very unique new pilot who can’t remember who he is or where he came from. But his talents are so great, that soon the emperor coerces the crew into searching out other members of their pilot’s species. And so the adventures begin…

New posts come out roughly once a week (though twice is soon hoped for), and guest artists have begun adding their own spin-off chapters to the story. Where it will all go, who knows? But I’m more than willing to trail along.

drive - prologue
drive - sample page

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