Week’s End Notes (27)

Feb 2016 Crocus
Feb 2016 Lenten Rose
Feb 2016 - Snowy Cuyahoga River
Feb 2016 - Pufferbelly in Snow
Feb 2016 Rainbow

February 2016. Not until I started sorting through the pictures I took this month, did I realize how well the weather paralleled life this month. Up and down, all over the place, restless, unsettled, hopeful. There have been both highs and lows–though at the moment it feels the lows have been deeper than the highs tall, but some things that have been suspended, waiting for resolution, have been resolved. Snow gives way to rain gives way to sun gives way to snow gives way to spring flowers. And so it goes.

My reading this month has been similarly unsettled–and sparse. My New Year’s goal of 5 hours a week has been woefully unmet of late, and I seem to be all over the place with my reading. I have so many books started but seem not to be making much progress on any save for the Shakespeare I read over the course of a few evenings a few weeks back. I’m feeling the need to finish something, yet I can’t seem to settle with anything. I even–quite unplanned–started a new title Thursday night, The Sound and the Fury, which seemed to just jump off my shelves at me. I wasn’t planning on reading anything then–rather, to sleep, but despite the trickiness of the first chapter (and I’m only a short ways in), I must confess I’m currently quite captured by the book. We’ll see if it holds.

Hopefully, though, all the partially read books means at some point I will be finishing like crazy. And then of course, have the difficulty of too many blog posts to catch up on. I’m a little behind right now as it is…

I am however looking forward to April and the Children’s Classic Literature Reading Event! The official announcement/sign-up post should go up this week, and I’ve begun pulling books off my shelves to read. I also already ordered Emil and the Detectives from the library, as it won the vote for the readalong title. (If you’re thinking of joining in, you may want to start looking for it now, as it doesn’t seem to be as readily available as some of the other titles–I had to order it from outside my library system.) Truth to tell, I will probably start reading for the event in March, and continue into May!

Speaking of non-challenge Spring Events, Richard at Caravana de recuerdos is hosting, now through May 15 or so, a Mexican reading event. The only requirement is to read a (fiction) book by a Mexican author or a (nonfiction) book about Mexico. My impulse is to join in, but I honestly don’t know what I would read just now or when I will have time to add another book to the pile. (See above about too many books started…) Still tempted though, and I did vow to read more in translation this year.

As far as the challenges I joined at the start of the year, it’s been slow-going (see above about being all over the place), but I feel I’m making progress. I’ve finished a Shakespeare play and watched a BBC adaptation of it, so that will be one down for the Bardathon challenge, and, if I choose, it could double for one of the Back to the Classics titles. (I haven’t decided yet if I’ll count it for that.) I’m also working on a couple titles that will count for both my Ohio reading projects and Back to the Classics plus there’s another Shakespeare play sitting next to me, and of course the Children’s Classics may count for some titles as well. And The Sound and the Fury could be the 20th Century classic. Phew. No wonder I’m all over the place with my reading – too many good options.

So how’s Februry been treating you and your reading? Better than me, I hope!

6 thoughts on “Week’s End Notes (27)”

  1. I know the feeling of having so many books to read, too many options and not being able to see one through. Which is why my new resolution was to choose 1 book at a time, read it at once, and then go for the next one depending on the mood I’m in. It’s been working really well so far! February has been a good reading month for me (after ages!). Have read 9 books in all. 🙂

    I’ve also tried not to join any challenges just so I don’t feel restricted or compelled to read something I’m not in the mood for… I love going with the flow. 😀

    1. I usually don’t have more than one or two books on the go at a time, but for whatever reason I just have had time settling with any one book lately. I guess I did get a book finished the other night, so that’s one less. The challenges are ones I joined in the hopes they would spur me on to reading the books I’ve been meaning to read for a while – so far it’s working! Last year I tried go with the flow and didn’t get very much read, so I thought I should try something different.

      Glad to hear you’re in the midst of such good reading – hope it continues! 🙂

  2. Oh my, I know exactly how you feel; I’ve been all over with my reading too. I have some books scheduled so I’m trying to stick with those, but I keep getting distracted by others! I’m reading Greeks and Catholic mystics and 1930s novels, etc. It’s really weird.

    I’m really looking forward to the Children’s Literature Event. I have to pick another book other than Emil, so I should get on that before it sneaks up on me.

    1. The only thing I’m worrying about sticking to is anything related to the Children’s Literature Event. Otherwise – all over the place! But I’ll get it back to reasonable eventually.

      Glad to hear of your excitement for the Event! I can’t wait to see what else you decide to read this year.

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