What’s Making Me Happy – Three

And here we are at the end of July! I’d say I was unhappy with how fast it’s sped by except that I’m actually rather happy to see the end of it–that much closer to cooler autumn temperatures! (And a September vacation!) Besides the end of a hot month, what’s making me happy this week:

A sunflower - un girasol

  • The sunflowers are in bloom–a very happy-making thing. I also had fun this week learning a new word: a restaurant I pass everyday going to and from work installed signs this week with their new name, Los Girasoles. I already knew il girasole as the Italian for “the sunflower,” so it didn’t take much work to deduce that los girasoles was the Spanish for “the sunflowers” (el girasol, singular). Now, to just remember that they are pronounced differently!
  • Reading! Although the book I just finished definitely ended on a down note (as I had fully expected), the actual process of reading it and two other books this week really has been a joy. It’s been a while since I really sunk myself into a book as well as I did this week. Here’s hoping that continues in this coming week!

And you–what’s making you happy this week?

4 thoughts on “What’s Making Me Happy – Three”

  1. What a beautiful picture. It makes ME happy.
    Yes to how quick the month has passed.
    What makes me happy… we’ll finally go camping with our new to us pop up camper this coming week!
    I’m also enjoying my two different reads, and I love what’s coming up too. I’m reading The Nine Tailors, by Dorothy Sayers, and Reviving the Ancient Faith, by Richard T. Hughes.

    1. Thank you, Silvia! Camping sounds fun! I hope you had an excellent time. I’ve not yet read any Sayers, but I really think I need to someday.

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