Week’s End Notes (30)

Well. It’s been a while. As I sort through photos I’ve taken since I last posted here, I see a visual record of how much time has passed—from long, hot, humid late summer days to the chill and gray of late autumn’s first snow. It is sometimes hard to believe that so much time has flown by, and yet, there was so much packed in those days.

I really didn’t mean to drop off from here, but one week away led to another and a couple weeks led to a month and a month led to…today. And sometimes when you stop doing something it’s so hard to start up again. Indeed, the effort of putting word to screen has seemed extraordinarily intimidating at times. And just for a little blog post.

But though I’ve been busy (work, life) and though I’ve been prioritizing reading over writing, I find I’m not ready to just step back and leave the blogging aside. The task of writing—of ordering my thoughts into a somewhat coherent form—is a good exercise, I think. The recording of my random thoughts on books is a remedy to my forgetfulness—perhaps I may not quite remember a book I read four years ago now, but if I can turn to a post I wrote on it, I have something to hang on to. And of course there are other bloggers—although I am not so good at involvement in the bookish community (and after this lengthy absence may have forfeited what few readers I have), I know that it is so warm and welcoming that with just a little effort I could find myself much more involved.

So I shall try, try, try again.

I started keeping a Bullet Journal this summer, mostly to keep track of work-things—schedules, to dos, and such—but it’s proving instructive in my overall life as well. How many goals/tasks I can set for a week, realistically. How to break up projects into smaller bites so that I can both stay focused on the bigger picture and have small pieces to mark off as “done.” As a record, it’s becoming wonderfully informative, and as a tool, I’ve let it be marvelously flexible. I don’t worry about “mistakes,” or whether or not it’s beautiful (it’s not; I don’t have time or inclination to make one of the wonderfully decorative varieties), I just adjust and alter as I go, learning what methods of tracking and task-keeping work best for me. And I’ve found that just a small record each week of things I’d like to do, be it an overall task for the week or something small to do everyday or every few days, is helping me to keep focused and to not just “have good intentions” but to act on them. It is ever a work-in-progress, but since I added “reading” as a daily goal, I’ve seen my reading rate go up. I can but hope that adding blog-time (reading, writing) to the list will help as well. (Though at some point, it must be admitted, I will run out of time to fill!)

So as the nights grow longer (for just a few weeks more!) and the days colder, it is time for books and words again.  A tentative return, but sincere.

Happy Reading!


11 thoughts on “Week’s End Notes (30)”

    1. Thank you, Richard! Don’t worry, I’ve three (3!) prose posts drafted up and ready to post soon. And others still to write–I’d like to get at least something down about El Señor Presidente which I had read for your Spanish lit month event.

    1. Thank you, Risa! I’d noticed you were back around recently, but I’ve been a bad blogger and hadn’t gotten around to visiting yet. Soon!

      1. Take your time! I’m always pleased when bloggers I know get back from a long break. It’s like seeing a familiar face after a long time, and feeling a sense of relief and happiness.

        I’ve recently archived Breadcrumb Reads, and now have a new blogspot blog called The Next Chapter. I hope you can visit it some time. 🙂

        1. I agree, Risa, with what you say about seeing bloggers back after a break. It’s nice to know they’re still there, reading. And I did see you have a new blog–I just haven’t managed to properly stop in yet. Soon!

    1. Thank you, Cleo! I was happy to share the photos–it seemed a good way to quickly show some of what I’ve been up to instead of blogging. 🙂 I only lack a picture of the books I’ve read…

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