Anyone for a RAL?

It’s inevitable – no matter how lousy the reading’s been, no matter how many books are currently in the TBR stack next to my reading chair – come December (if not earlier), I’m thinking about the next year. What wondrous reading will be then? Admit it – you do it too. All those lovely end-of-year lists/goals/dreams. Truly, one of the highlights of December for me! (Can you tell I’m a planner/list-maker?)

So yes, I already have a pretty good idea of what I’m planning on for next year. And while I usually wait to share until either a) I’m signing up for a challenge I likely won’t actually complete or b) my end of year post, I thought there was one plan that I should mention early. Actually, a non-plan as well: I currently have no plans to continue the Children’s Classic Literature Event for a sixth year. If anyone else wants to host a similar event, please feel free (and I may even read along), but I won’t be hosting one.

A Wrinkle In Time Movie Poster (low res)

However. I am planning some Madeline L’Engle reading for next year, starting with a reread of A Wrinkle in Time. Yes, of course this is because of the upcoming film adaptation. And the fact that I asked for and received a box set of the Time Quintet books several years ago and still haven’t (re)read them. And then I thought, “hey, there’s a movie coming out–maybe I’m not the only one who wants to (re)read this?” So let me know if you think you might want to read along – if there’s enough interest in a A Wrinkle in Time RAL prior to the March release (I’m thinking January), I’d be willing to host. Alternatively, if there’s already a RAL planned/running, please point me that direction as I haven’t found it yet!

Now, just to clear the deck off first…

5 thoughts on “Anyone for a RAL?”

  1. I’m sooooo sad you’re not doing your Children’s Lit Event! I would take over but I’ve been so busy with my food blog that I haven’t even had time to read lately. I’m hoping that will change, but I can’t be sure when. I might be up to read A Wrinkle in Time, but again, it will depend on my free time. Sigh! I hope in heaven we can choose to read all day if we want!

    1. Oh, I knew you’d be disappointed. 😦 But it’s just too many interests, too little time. Someday there will be time for more reading…

  2. I have read these so many times, but not for years (except Wrinkle, of course). I’ll probably join you! I saw the trailer the other day and commented to my family how completely unfilmable Wind in the Door would be….that is one weird book.

    1. I’d be happy to have you read along, Jean!

      Wow, it’s been a long time since I last read these—I don’t remember Wind in the Door at all…good thing I’m planning on a reread in 2018.

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