The Big Four – Agatha Christie

Book Cover: The Big Fout by Agatha Christie

The Big Four
Agatha Christie
England, 1927

After the cleverness of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, its successor, The Big Four comes as a bit of a surprise. No small town or manor house mystery novel, it is presents a tale of international intrigue, presenting Hercule Poirot’s attempts to bring down a major crime syndicate, represented by devious criminals from the US, France, China, and England who always seem to be just ahead of the famous Belgian detective. Hastings makes a return to narration, and we find ourselves chasing along with the pair as they attempt to head off “the Big Four’s” ever-masterful plots. It is almost a Sherlock-vs-Moriarty adventuring.

The premise appears promising; however, I unfortunately found it the least compelling of Christie’s mysteries to this point. It seemed to me it was more a series of mediocre short stories in search of a unifying plot. Only after finishing did I learn that the chapters actually did start out as short stories, and the novel was cobbled together at a low point in her personal life when writing was difficult. A bit of a disappointment, really.

6 thoughts on “The Big Four – Agatha Christie”

    1. Silvia, unfortunately I think this one is best for Christie completists (which I’m trying to do). But at least she has so many others that are much better!

  1. I always find her occasional forays into espionage or thriller territory disappointing, sadly. I read this way back when I was a teen/twenty-something, but have never felt a desire to revisit it. Onwards and upwards – your next Christie will be better! 😀

    1. Yeah, I don’t think this is one I anticipate revisiting–unless I completely forget what it’s like, which is always possible!

    1. Cleo, I’m not as far as you, but it’s my least favorite as well–although, if I’m reading a Christie, I’m not complaining! 🙂 Murder on the Orient Express is one of my favorite mysteries–I’ve read it twice so far. Have fun!

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