An architect who occasionally reads too much, but more usually not enough. To my great addictions of music and reading, I add chocolate, which is made doubly dangerous by the suggestion that it might be beneficial to one’s health and tea, which definitely is beneficial.

My reading tastes are somewhat varied and broad. I like classics, both old (Austen) and new (García Márquez); good non-fiction; mysteries, both fluffy and gritty; and quite a bit else. I enjoy reading a good fantasy—as long as it is not a derivative of Tolkien (I prefer to read Tolkien himself)—but  have read little science fiction (although I can enjoy a good sci-fi movie, so perhaps I should remedy this). Having spent four months in Florence, Italy (in 2003), I am especially drawn to books set in and around Florence, fiction and non-fiction alike, occurring in present or past. For whatever reason, I don’t seem to read too many books “of the moment,” except perhaps a good suspense novel. I am currently trying to expand my acquaintance with “great books” of all eras and translations from all over. I may also be addicted to projects.

(I cover my other hobbies here.)


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I absolutely love your blog. Our tastes in books seem to be pretty similar, so that would already be a good reason for following, but I was only REALLY persuaded when I read about your chocolate addiction!

    Also, judging by the four months in Italy and your libri italiani section, you speak more than a little Italian, and certainly more than I 🙂

    1. Thank you! I guess that chocolate addiction is a good problem!

      I should hasten to say that most of my classes while in Italy were in Italian, and I’ve unfortunately forgotten quite a bit, but I can still read it fairly well.

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