What’s Making Me Happy – Four

So much is making me happy this week! It’s been a good one!

Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus)

  • Work, in general. I realized this week that I am, at present, completely and totally content with work. I think it’s in large part down to the people I work for (and with). I get along with them well, and they have really made it an appealing place for me. I really feel fortunate and blessed in this.
  • The music of Hector Belioz. Specifically, Symphonie fantastique, which I was reintroduced to when I was searching out something instrumental to listen to at work when I needed to concentrate extra on a project. Just simply wonderful.
  • The Olympics! Although not a terribly big sports fan, I’ve always been fond of the Olympics, summer or winter. My favorite summer sports include swimming, diving, and gymnastics of which swimming is my favorite.
  • Rooting for a local-to-me athlete. Someone from my home county, Carlin Isles, is on the US men’s Rugby Sevens team. I know almost nothing about the sport, but sounds really exciting and I’ll definitely be seeking it out to cheer on Isles.
  • Rooting for fellow Kent State University alumni. Two recent students will be competing: William Barnes will represent Puerto Rico in men’s 110 m hurdles and Danniel Thomas will represent Jamaica in women’s shot put. #flashesforever!
  • So…I may be a little busy the next couple of weeks. It should be fun!

And you–what’s making you happy this week?

What’s Making Me Happy – Three

And here we are at the end of July! I’d say I was unhappy with how fast it’s sped by except that I’m actually rather happy to see the end of it–that much closer to cooler autumn temperatures! (And a September vacation!) Besides the end of a hot month, what’s making me happy this week:

A sunflower - un girasol

  • The sunflowers are in bloom–a very happy-making thing. I also had fun this week learning a new word: a restaurant I pass everyday going to and from work installed signs this week with their new name, Los Girasoles. I already knew il girasole as the Italian for “the sunflower,” so it didn’t take much work to deduce that los girasoles was the Spanish for “the sunflowers” (el girasol, singular). Now, to just remember that they are pronounced differently!
  • Reading! Although the book I just finished definitely ended on a down note (as I had fully expected), the actual process of reading it and two other books this week really has been a joy. It’s been a while since I really sunk myself into a book as well as I did this week. Here’s hoping that continues in this coming week!

And you–what’s making you happy this week?

What’s Making Me Happy – Two

What a fast week! I suppose it was all the busyness at work–so many people are on vacation just now but new jobs just keep coming in. No complaints though; it’s good to be busy. But what’s making me happy this week?

Purple Cone Flower and Brown Eyed Susan

  • My bullet journal – I only just started one about two weeks ago, so I’m still working out just how I want to use it, but both the organizational system and the freedom I’ve given myself to let it not be “perfect” and to experiment are making me very happy. Come to think of it, organization can make me strangely happy, despite how much I hate to clean…
  • As a Northeast Ohio partisan, and ignoring all politics [please don’t air political views here!], all the positive press for the city of Cleveland coming out of the Republican Convention this past week–apparently we’re rather nice in the Midwest, and outsiders are starting to recognize Cleveland’s rebirth.
  • Revisiting the artwork of Beatrix Potter for my final post on her Twenty-three Tales from earlier this week–so delightful!
  • Delicious seasonal peaches (well…imported from the South) and plums.

And you–what’s making you happy this week?

What’s Making Me Happy – Week One

I’ve about had my fill of negativity lately.

It’s hard enough that the news seems headlined by one disaster or crisis or violent act after another, with nary a space to breathe, but add to that general negative attitudes and behaviors towards others. I find I have to limit my intake of news and social media so that I don’t become overwhelmed by it. It is not that I think that politics or the news (or political news) isn’t important–and there are some very important conversations happening right now–, but too much is unproductive and too much exposure, even of plain news from quality sources, can be paralyzing and unhealthful.

So this morning, listening to NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast, specifically the “what’s making me happy this week” segment, I decided that I didn’t want to just limit my exposure to the negative, I wanted to take deliberate steps to remember the positive. Starting today, and with any luck, once a week for the foreseeable future, I will post a small list of things making me happy that week—no matter how small. Feel free to join in—we all could use a little more happiness!

Happy Flowers
  • The brightly colored gold finches and blue jays at the feeders
  • The (brief) break in the heat
  • Watching Zootopia a second time
  • The smell of summer rain
  • Happy song of the week: “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves