Mysteries & Detective Fiction

(Introductory Post.)

  1. Poe, Edgar Allan:  Murders in the Rue Morge (1841, US)
  2. Poe, Edgar Allan:  The Mystery of Marie Rogêt (1842, US)
  3. Poe, Edgar Allan:  The Purloined Letter (1844, US)
  4. Collins, Wilkie:
    1. The Woman in White (1860, England)
    2. Armadale (1866, England)
    3. The Moonstone (1868, England)*
  5. Felix, Charles: The Notting Hill Mystery (1862, England)
  6. Gaboriau, Émile:  The Lerouge Case [L’Affaire Lerouge] (1866, France)
  7. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan:
    1. A Study in Scarlet (1887, Scotland)
    2. The Sign of Four(1890, Scotland)
    3. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1892, Scotland)
    4. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1894, Scotland)
    5. The Hound of the Baskervilles (1902, Scotland) [post 2]
    6. The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1905, Scotland)
    7. The Valley of Fear (1915, Scotland)
    8. His Last Bow (1917, Scotland)
    9. The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (1927, Scotland)
  8. Leroux, Gaston: The Mystery of the Yellow Room (1908, France)
  9. Christie, Agatha: See Project Sub-list
  10. Crofts, Freeman Wills:  Inspector French’s Greatest Case (1924, Ireland)
  11. Van Dine, S.S.:  The Benson Murder (1926, US)
  12. Allingham, Margery:  The Black Dudley Murder (1929, England)
  13. Queen, Ellery: The Roman Hat Mystery (1929, US)
  14. Hammett, Dashiell:  The Maltese Falcon (1930, US)
  15. Hammett, Dashiell:  The Thin Man (1932, US)
  16. Iles, Francis:  Malice Aforethought (1931, England)
  17. Sayers, Dorothy L.:  Murder Must Advertise (1933, England)
  18. Sayers, Dorothy L.:  The Nine Tailors (1934, England)
  19. Stout, Rex:  Fer-de-Lance (1934, US)
  20. Carr, John Dickson:  The Hollow Man (1935, US)
  21. Greene, Graham:  Brighton Rock (1938, England)
  22. Chandler, Raymond:  The Big Sleep (1939, US)
  23. Chandler, Raymond:  The Long Good-Bye (1953, US)
  24. Hughes, Dorothy: In a Lonely Place (1947, US)
  25. Macdonald, Ross: The Moving Target (1949, US)
  26. Himes, Chester: A Rage in Harlem (1957, US)
  27. James, P.D.:
    1. Cover Her Face (1962, England)
    2. An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (1972, England)
    3. Death Comes to Pemberly (2011, England)
    4. The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories (2016, England)
  28. Sjöwall, Maj & Per Wahlöö: RoseAnna (1965, Sweden)
  29. Robinson, Peter: Gallows View (1987, England)
  30. Rankin, Ian:  Knots and Crosses (1987, Scotland)
  31. Dibdin, Michael: Ratking (1988, England)
  32. Roberts, John Maddox: SPQR 1: The King’s Gambit (1990, US)
  33. Mankell, Henning:  Faceless Killers (1991, Sweden)
  34. Leon, Donna: Death at La Fenice (1992, US)
  35. Leon, Donna: Death in a Strange Country (1993, US)
  36. Camilleri, Andrea: The Shape of Water [La forma dell’acqua] (1994, Italy)
  37. Pears,  Iain: Instance of the Fingerpost (1997, England)
  38. Atkinson, Kate: Case Histories (2004, England)
  39. Perissinotto, Alessandro: Blood Sisters [Una piccola storia ignobile] (2006, Italy)
  40. Cleeves, Ann:
    1. Raven Black (2006, UK)
    2. White Nights (2008, UK)
    3. Red Bones (2009, UK)
    4. Blue Lightning (2010)
    5. Dead Water (2013)
    6. Thin Air (2014)
  41. Horowitz, Anthony: House of Silk (2011, England)
  42. Altun, Selçuk: The Sultan of Byzantium [Bizans Sultani] (2011, Turkey; English translation 2012)

* Indicates a reread

Last updated 18.01.2020

9 thoughts on “Mysteries & Detective Fiction”

  1. Some new to me authors here. I’ve been listening to the Sherlock Homes books on Librivox. David Clarke does a great job as narrator. I actually like him better than a professionally done audiobook I borrowed from the library. Lasy year I read ‘The Spy Who Came in From the Cold’ by John leCarre & although it was a bit on the depressing side, it was well written & I did enjoy it. I have a fascination with the Cold War era & leCarre was an eye witness to the building of the Berlin Wall.

  2. I’ve gathered authors/titles from many different sources–always such great fun, compiling a list! I just recently finished up my read-through of all the Sherlock Holmes titles. I’m not a true aficionado, so it would have been a bit much for me if I hadn’t spread it out over several years, but they were fun. One of these days I’ll get to le Carre; I’ve heard such good things about his writing.

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