Events all Around

Today is one of those days when it’s hot even in the shade, relieved only occasionally by an insufficient breeze. I have a huge backlog of posts and potential posts—most importantly for the recently completed The Name of the Rose—but my brain is too overheated to think about it. So I thought I’d update some of the challenges/events I’ve been participating in/will be reading for instead.

First, Carl’s (Stainless Steel Droppings) Once Upon a Time Challenge. I believe the only real rule is “have fun” but if we take the subtext to mean “have fun reading books for the challenge” I’m…failing! I think I’ve been reading everything but fantasy/fairy tale/myth/folklore. Now that the library books are out of the way though, I’ll do much better…I hope. I’m currently in the middle (still—it was pushed aside by more demanding books) of The Silmarillion as well as Tolkien’s essay “On Fairy-stories,” which was originally presented as a lecture in defense of a form of literature often dismissed as “children’s” stories.

Of course, finishing Carl’s challenge is about to become more complicated because overlapping OUaT for the first part of June is Allie’s (A Literary Odyssey) Victorian Celebration, which runs June through July. I’m not sure what I’ll be reading. When I signed up, my intention was to read Cranford and Bleak House, both of which are on my list for the year, but at the moment I’m finding myself more interested in returning to Sherlock Holmes. I blame PBS for their recent showing of Sherlock, series 2. If that’s not enough, I have plenty of unread Victorians to choose from, as whim may lead me.

And rounding out the list of upcoming reading events, Spanish Language Lit Month in July, hosted by Stu of Winstonsdad’s Blog and Richard of Caravana de recuerdos. I don’t have much in the way of plans for this event, although the readalongs (and movie watchalong) are tempting. And I’ll be reading some Jorge Luis Borges. That’s non-negotiable. Given the overlap with the Victorian Celebration, I almost feel I should find some 19th century Spanish-language literature to read, but I think perhaps I should stick with what’s already on my shelves. (It’s quite a list.)

As a final note, I wanted to thank Charlotte of Charlotte Reads Classics for The Versatile Blogger Award she included me in recently. All of the blogs she lists are excellent and it was very nice to be included!

And with that, may you have an excellent reading week, a wonderful holiday tomorrow if you have one, or a wonderful Monday if not.