Classics Club Read-a-thon, January 2014

What better way to start a new year than with plenty of reading? And what better way to actually make that start than a readathon, in the virtual company of many others, encouraged by the mere knowledge that others are reading too to keep the pages turning?

Jan 2014 Classics Club readathon selections
Anne of Green Gables
The Fellowship of the Ring
Mansfield Park
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

I have no real plans or ambitions for this readathon, just a stack of books I’m in the middle of, plus one that I do need to finish before the end of the month. I believe only one of these is on my actual Classics Club list–does that make me a bad participant? 😉 –but they are all classics.

I shall likely post periodic updates here and on Twitter (@simplerpastimes, see sidebar). To those participating, Happy Reading! (And to those not as well!)

ETA:Can’t believe I forgot to link to the readathon page! It’s HERE.

Update 1:
I can’t believe it’s already ten hours into the readathon! I’m having fun, even if I haven’t amassed a very high page count. So far, I’ve read a couple chapters of The Fellowship of the Ring and several of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I took a dinner break, but now I should be good for the rest of the night (which may not be terribly late…). I think I’ll return to Oz for a bit and then I’m not sure what. Maybe more Middle Earth, or perhaps a revisit to Green Gables? No matter what I pick, I can’t really go wrong.

Update 2:
I think I am done for the night. I read two more chapters of Oz and one of Fellowship, and now the pain med I took for my back (I hurt it a bit this morning) is kicking in and I am growing sleepy. Perhaps I might do some more reading early tomorrow, but this is likely my final update. Regardless, I enjoyed my reading today and hope to finish a book or two soon. That would make for a good start to the year! Happy reading to those still going!

Classics Club Read-a-thon, January 2013


Every time one of these read-a-thon events rolls around, I wonder if I should bother participating as I never even intend to attempt the 24-hours and always start late (I usually have things to do Saturday mornings), so am I really participating well? But then I realize that I usually could stand some focused reading time, so I sign up anyways. This time, the event is hosted by The Classics Club, as a kick-start for 2013. I’ll be reading for the Classic Children’s Literature Challenge, of course, but one of my titles doubles for my Classics Club list, so win-win.
I’ll be skipping between Little Women, Pinocchio, and The Princess and the Goblin today, all three of which I’m hoping to finish this month. Pinocchio is a bit more of a challenge as I’m reading that in Italian.

I will most likely update primarily on Twitter and occasionally here (this post). There will be a chunk of the mid-day when I’m absent as I will finally be going to see Les Misérables (yay!), but I’m hoping to make some really nice progress today.

Happy Reading to all, participating or not!

Update #1

I haven’t finished much reading yet–just two chapters of Pinocchio and a few pages of Little Women. I’ve forgotten way too much Italian in the last ten years, so I’m constantly fighting the balance of how many words to look up and how many to just read through. Hopefully, that will get easier as I progress.

Of course, half (or more) of the reason for the slow progress was going to see Les Misérables, which is wonderful! At least, if you don’t mind musicals–I imagine that bit might not be to everyone’s taste. But the performances were wonderful, and I think this is one of the few musicals I’ve seen in recent years where I haven’t been disappointed in casting choices.

It’s time to get back to reading though. I don’t have any real goal. I’ll probably stick with Little Women and/or The Princess and the Goblin, though, so I can fell like I’m making some progress. Happy reading!

Update #2

Just taking a little break for hot chocolate and maybe a cookie or two. I’ve been reading Little Women this last little while. I’ve really been enjoying it, although oddly enough, I think my nostalgia is for the 1994 movie rather than the book itself–while at the same time I find myself remembering unexpected details from the story. I keep eying The Princess and the Goblin, but think I shall stick with Little Women for the rest of the readathon, while will probably only be another hour or so for me.

Final Update

I’m almost halfway through the first part of Little Women (or half-way through Little Women if counting it as two books)! This makes me happy as I didn’t really expect to get that far. (I forget how much quicker it is to read children’s books.) However, I think I shall leave off for the night–I really just hate to get out of my sleep schedule. Happy reading to those still participating!

Moseying into Readathon

Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon

I’m finding myself very laid-back about readathon this fall, only joining up last night, just starting now. But I’ve pulled my books off the shelf, made a cup of tea, and curled myself up on the couch. It’s time to start A Woman in White, which I’ve been saving just for today. My copy is a used edition, hardcover, and the book seller’s penciled note indicates that it’s circa 1900. Delicate pages, tiny print!

Book - The Woman in White, copy c. 1900, blue hardcover

Updates will follow at my whim.

Happy reading!

Update #1

So…I lied! I had intended to start with The Woman in White, but I ended up reading The Adventures of Tintin: Destination Moon instead. (I’ve been rereading the Tintin books since late this summer. Ah, the joys of revising childhood. 🙂 ) But I started The Woman in White after that. I’m finding it a little slow so far, although the “sensational” touch does start early on. I’m sure I just need to read a few more pages and I’ll be hooked. I might however, pick up The Hobbit for a little bit, as I’ve started rereading it a few weeks ago but haven’t made any progress since, and it seems about time I do so. The evening’s still young; there’s plenty of time for a bit of both.

Update #2

I’m finding myself starting to nod off, a bit early alas. Too many late nights and early mornings, and I must be up early again tomorrow, so this is my final update. I read a few more pages of The Woman in White, but it was The Hobbit that captured my attention this last while. I’ve rather decided that I must finish it this week, busy or not; I’m much to enchanted to set it aside for another two weeks again.

And now, good night. To those still readathoning, enjoy!

Post Read-a-thon Wrap Up

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I think I had a pretty successful read-a-thon. The secret? A book with lots of pictures! I didn’t finish anything (which means I’ll be trying to finish The World of Downton Abbey before I have to return it tomorrow), but I enjoyed what I read and even had some time for some side-trips to look up more history.

Event Totals:
Time Spent Reading: roughly nine hours, including distraction time
Books Read (in progress): Deuteronomy, The Silmarillion, The World of Downton Abbey
Pages Read: 228

I don’t know why I track pages, really, as I don’t care about that. It does seem to help keep me a little more focused. This was my favorite 24-hour read-a-thon to date as I really enjoyed my reading and moved around just enough that my joints never stiffened up.

I hope to keep the momentum up this week so that I can finish off some of the titles that have been hanging around. A happy reading week to all!

Dewey’s Readathon, April 2012 Edition

Books for 24-hour Readathon
Top to Bottom: The Silmarillion, Why Read the Classics?, The Name of the Rose, On Fairy-stories, The World of Downton Abbey. Plus a cup of tea.

I debated participating in Dewey’s Read-a-thon this year as, I’ll admit it, I find it somewhat exhausting to spend so much time in one day dedicated to just sitting (or laying about) and reading. I’ve been trying to read a little each day and avoid such marathon sessions…but the last couple weeks of reading haven’t gone so well, the library due dates are whispering my name, and I rather need to read this weekend. Sporadic updates will follow here, but I’ll likely update more frequently on Twitter. To everyone else participating, enjoy the reading!

Start of Hour #16/Final Update:

Time Spent Reading: 3-1/2 hours
Book(s) Read (in progress): The World of Downton Abbey
Pages Read: 115 pages
Thoughts: Wow! I read a lot this last little bit. I guess it helps when I actually focus! And I even broke down and watched the first few minutes of Series 1, Episode 1 of Downton Abbey. However, I’m now finished with this season’s readathon as my eyelids are starting to droop and I need to be up early in the morning. Best of wishes to those still reading.

Mid Hour #11 Update:

Time Spent Reading: somewhere around 3 hours
Book(s) Read (in progress): The World of Downton Abbey & The Silmarillion
Pages Read: 34 (Downton) & 11 pages (Silmarillion)
Thoughts: I’m a very distractable reader! I’ve been enjoying my reading, but the problem with the Downton book (beside wanting to watch the series again) is that it only highlights the history of the era, so I keep clicking over to Wikipedia to find out more. Oops. It’s fun though. I added in The Silmarillion to mix up things, and will probably flip between a couple books through this evening. For now, it’s back to Downton Abbey!

Start of Hour #6 Update:

Time Spent Reading: 2-3/4 hours, more or less
Book(s) Read (in progress): Deuteronomy (Bible) & The World of Downton Abbey
Pages Read: 3 (Deuteronomy—part of a year-long project) & 65 (The World of Downton Abbey)
Thoughts: Sluggish start, until the tea kicked in (Organic Breakfast). Otherwise it’s been fun so far. Although, reading The World of Downton Abbey, I find myself wanting to watch Downton Abbey. Oops. I might change books for a bit this afternoon, just for the variety.