Reading Ohio: Books & Authors Read

  1. James Thurber
    1. The 13 Clocks
    2. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”
  2. Paul Laurence Dunbar: “Little Brown Baby” (text online) & “Sympathy” (text online)
  3. Langston Hughes: “The Negro Speaks of Rivers
  4. Rita Dove: “Gospel” (from Thomas and Beulah)
  5. Joe Eszterhas and Michael D Roberts: Thirteen Seconds: Confrontation at Kent State
  6. Charles W. Chesnutt: The Conjure Stories
  7. Hamilton, Virginia: The People Could Fly: American Black Folktales
  8. Paul Laurence Dunbar: Folks from Dixie (As republished in The Complete Stories of Paul Laurence Dunbar, 2005, Ohio University Press)
  9. Paul Laurence Dunbar: Selected Poems (Edited with an Introduction by Herbert Woodward Martin)
  10. Craig S. Simpson and Gregory S. Wilson: Above the Shots: An Oral History of the Kent State Shootings (2016, Kent State University Press)
  11. Toni Morrison The Bluest Eye

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